The Power of Colours

Colours have a deeper meaning than just a simple eye perception. They can be used as a powerful weapon that affects our daily moods and behaviours. As we react to different colours on a subconscious level, psychologists use colour therapy to diagnose psychological problems with patients and help them in re-establishing a balance in their lives. Considering all the aspects and effects that colours may have on our behaviour and everyday activities, special attention should be paid to appropriate choice of colours when painting our living space. In making this decision, knowing the characteristics and effects of three different groups of colours may be of great help.


Ullkuletepper – Lave priser, runde tepper, Gratis frakt og retur

Warm Colours

With warm undertones of red, yellow and orange...

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5 Helpful Waterfront Property Shopping Tips

Everyone wants a room with a view, but while some people long for snow-covered peaks, wooded land, or the bleak beauty of high-desert environments outside the window, pretty much everyone can agree that living on the water, so to speak, is the pinnacle. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that we can’t really live ON the water – it’s the novelty of living close to something that is both beautiful and potentially deadly that we find appealing. Maybe it’s the sound that accompanies waves crashing against the shoreline or a river running through. Or it could be the dynamic vista. Whatever the case, some of the most desirable properties are waterfront. And if you have the money to shop for one, there are some helpful tips you should consider during your search.

waterfront property

Consider the region...

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Easy and Effective Ways to Eliminate Musty Smells From Your AC System

Is there a strange smell coming from your AC? Don’t worry – a lot of people experience the same issue from time to time. Luckily, there really isn’t anything to worry about. What you do have to worry about is actually finding the source of the musty smell because that is the only real way to get rid of the odor. Once you find the source, you can take measures to make sure it is eliminated and that the odor never comes back. In most cases, the issue has to do with moisture, but there could be something else going on as well. Here are some easy and effective ways to eliminate musty smells from your AC system.

  1. Replace the filter. Replacing the filter in your AC is incredibly important because a clean filter will allow your system to work much more efficiently...
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Adding an AC System to An Older Home: 3 Things You Should Know

There are a lot of reasons why older homes are such a wise investment. Aside from the fact that they tend to be built out of long-lasting materials and the rooms are oftentimes a lot larger as well, older homes also have quite a bit of character and can be fun to decorate, too. Oftentimes, they are the kinds of homes that are cheaper than some of the newer ones, as well.

That doesn’t mean that older homes do not come with their own challenges, though. For instance, being that they’ve been around for many years, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll need to make some repairs or even replace certain items inside of them.

Take an AC system, for instance...

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When Is The Best Time To Move?

Whether you are renting a house or planning to sell your home or buy a new one, here are the ways to know when it is the best time to move.


Longport NJ real estate developers advise to plan your move during the spring and summer months. These are the months that offer the most choices in terms of rentals and houses. People also tend to move more during the warm months. This means you’ll have more time to walk around the neighborhood and visit the available houses and spaces. However, this also means you’ll have more competition. More competition means houses during this time also command a higher price. The influx of competition will also lessen your chances of negotiating the price to a more affordable level.


However, if you want to save money in moving, plan to move during t...

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The Ultimate Guide To Getting Home Improvement Right

Starting home improvements on your house can be daunting and complicated; you have to have the right tools for the job. There are a variety of factors you have to consider before endeavoring on a home improvement project. Here is an ultimate guide to getting your home improvement project off the ground:


First of all, get all the necessary permits. If you’ll be building an extension to your house, an extra room at the back, or an additional garage, you must check with your community leaders whether the same needs any building permit. If you are merely leasing your property, make sure to get the permission of the lessor. Also, if you plan on adding windows to one side of the house, make sure to check with local builders...

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DIY Winter Home Heating Inspection Tips

If you are having indoor air quality issues or if your heating system isn’t properly controlling the temperature inside your home, you may have an issue with your heating system. However, instead of calling a professional technician, you may be able to find out what the issue is on your own. Indeed, DIY winter home heating inspection is easy – you just need a good eye and you need to know where to look. If you do find issues, there is good chance that you will be able to make repairs on your own as well. Here are some DIY winter home heating inspection tips.

Check the filter. The first place you want to look when conducting a DIY heating inspection is your filter...

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5 Factors to Consider Before Air Sealing Your New Home

You may think that just because your home is new, it is probably sealed and resistant to leaks and drafts. Well, think again – new homes can have some of the same problems as homes that have been lived in for many years. This is exactly why you must take measures to not only seal drafts and energy leaks, but you may also want to employ some methods to winterize your home. Winterization ensures that your home can take on some of the common climatic issues that come along in the wintertime, like high energy bills and moisture damage. Here are five factors to consider before air sealing your new home.

Does the attic need insulation? In some new homes, the attic is not insulated, which can cause all sorts of issues and problems...

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Laminate Flooring- A Cheap And Long Lasting Flooring For Your Home

Laminate floor offers much more options than the ordinary flooring. The laminate flooring is becoming very much common among the people. The laminate flooring can be counted as one of the superior selection. The flooring is very elegant in look. The flooring can be titled as superior selection because of its easy to clean and easy to install characteristic. The laminate flooring is much more durable than any other kind of flooring.

laminate flooring

About ten years ago the laminate flooring was introduced in the United States of America. But still the flooring is new to many people. The durability, low cost and ease of installation has promoted laminate flooring among many sectors. The home owners now buy laminate flooring and install it in their homes. These floorings can also be installed in older homes...

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5 Ways to Minimize Your Winter Heating Bills

In the wintertime, your heater can be a lifesaver, but it can also be a killer for your finances. If you live in a region where you are forced to use the heater in the winter to keep your home warm in the brutal cold, your bill can wind up being two or three times higher than it usually is. This is exactly why it can help to have some tips and tricks to keep your bills manageable – without sacrificing your comfort or well-being. Whatever the case is, you don’t want to forgo using your heater just to save money, especially if your home gets dangerously cold – you simply want to find ways to curtail your usage. Here are five ways to minimize your winter heating bills.

Use a floor heater. A floor heater can work wonders for keeping certain rooms warm...

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