The Power of Colours

Colours have a deeper meaning than just a simple eye perception. They can be used as a powerful weapon that affects our daily moods and behaviours. As we react to different colours on a subconscious level, psychologists use colour therapy to diagnose psychological problems with patients and help them in re-establishing a balance in their lives. Considering all the aspects and effects that colours may have on our behaviour and everyday activities, special attention should be paid to appropriate choice of colours when painting our living space. In making this decision, knowing the characteristics and effects of three different groups of colours may be of great help.


Ullkuletepper – Lave priser, runde tepper, Gratis frakt og retur

Warm Colours

With warm undertones of red, yellow and orange...

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5 Electrical Safety Tips for Homeowners During a Flood

The weather is already colder and wetter in some regions, which means for people in various flood zones it is time to take some basic precautions. One of the most critical precautions is electrical safety. Making sure that your circuit breaker and electrical system are safe from potential floodwater is imperative. Not only can water burn out your entire electrical system – it can also cause electrocution and even a fire. In addition, it is important to make sure you take some steps to ensure electrical safety during a flood and after. Here are five electrical safety tips for homeowners during a flood.

Clearly mark your electrical breaker switches. It is important to mark each and every breaker switch in your circuit box...

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How to Naturally Cool Your Home in the Hot Summer Months

Although the start of the school year signals the end of summer fun for most families, this arbitrary deadline has little to do with the weather. So you might find the high temperatures of summer lingering long after the kids are back in the vaunted halls of learning. And while family members are likely at work or in school during the hottest part of the day, that doesn’t mean you want to come home to a structure that has turned into an oven in your absence. That said, running the air conditioning throughout the day to ensure a cool home will cost you a pretty penny. Even if you set your programmable thermostat to kick on an hour before you return, the energy bills for cooling could still be astronomical until the cool breezes of fall bring relief...

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Common Causes for AC System Leaks

Have you ever experienced a leaky AC system? It can be a serious hassle to deal with, because not only do you have to figure out why the AC system is leaking, but you also have to clean up the leak. Indeed, it can be messy and it can put anyone in an unpleasant mood. When it comes down to it, there are a few common reasons why your AC system is leaking and many of these sources of trouble are actually really easy to resolve. Sure, there may be many benefits of a programmable thermostat or a fancy energy-efficient AC system, but if there is a serious leak, none of that will matter. Here are some common causes for AC system leaks.

One of the most common causes of leakage is a clogged drainage line. When your drain lines clog, your overflow pan can, well, overflow...

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Running a Hamster: Real estate and Treatment

First away, let’s simply put the actual title of the article directly. As my personal hamster Molly will let you know, a hamster doesn’t get possessed, it is really a very impartial creature which will happily live along with you, if a person provide it using the ideal environment and a lot of treats. Okay, now we now have got which important matter taken care of, let’s carry on.

Hamsters do make excellent pets with regard to both grown ups and kids alike. They’re easy to take care of, being fairly slower with less of the tendency in order to dart regarding than additional small rodents for example mice as well as gerbils. So long as they tend to be handled from once they are youthful, hamsters are extremely friendly and can happily spend some time with their own owners.


You should have t...

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Avail Top quality Gardening Resources and Enhance the Decor of your house and Backyard

A clean cutter is really a useful device, if you’ve lawn mounted on your home. But if you will find hedges around your home then you’ll need a hedge trimmer rather than a clean cutter.

Keeping some home tools will help you maintain your own residence in good shape. For instance have a brush used vinyl cutter. You may use it with regard to removing persistent weeds along with other unwanted grow saplings. Also this particular tool may be used for cutting down on overgrown lawn and uproot thistles as well as thorns through backyard yard.


A clean cutter is really a useful device, if you’ve lawn mounted on your home. But if you will find hedges around your home then you’ll need a hedge trimmer rather than a clean cutter. Buy an extended reach trimmer to keep the hedges who is fit...

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The Do’s and Dont’s of Growing Flowers From Seeds for the DIY Gardener

Growing flowers from seeds can be a great way to bring your garden to life. Not only are flowers beautiful and colorful, but also they can give off a sweet scent that can be a welcome addition to any homeowner’s outdoor space. However, planting flowers from seeds can be a lot more difficult than planting mature flowers. Not only do you need to make sure the soil is properly nitrated, but you also have to make sure the area where you are planting the seeds is safe from predators. Young seedlings – especially flower seedlings – are particularly vulnerable. Here are some of the do’s and don’ts of growing flowers from seeds for the DIY gardener.

Do make sure that the flowerbed is prepped before you plant the seeds...

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Home Energy Audit Preparation Basics

Right now is the perfect time for a home energy audit. As the weather starts to become colder, more and more homes will be turning on the furnace or heating system to beat the bitter cold. The last thing you want, though, is to spend too much money on energy bills. Not only will this be expensive, but also it is a sign that you are wasting too much energy. A home energy audit will be able to find leaks and other energy discrepancies in your home. Once you find these leaks, you can proceed to seal them. Sealing leaks is important for energy savings, environmental awareness and to improve poor indoor air quality. All in all, your home will feel more comfortable and you will breathe much easier after a successful audit. Here are some home energy audit preparation basics.

Start racking up the...

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The Importance of Seasonal Flowers and Luxury Ones

If you have not heard of luxury flowers till date then you have really missed on something vital. In the current scene people should have some idea about how the flowers that one sends should be. The gifts are important and similarly one should even have an idea about the flowers. There are some good sites but you should search for great site for flowers.

The need for online flowers

There was a time when people did not rely much on the online stuff. But today things have changed. In the current scene if you are really willing to buy something good then you ought to give the money for the same. But if you are ready to buy online flowers then there would be some choices for you. There should be something that you need to go for and it would really make a good difference.

The cost is vital...

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What is a Home improvement Loan?

Regardless of whether you need to create a couple of updates for your kitchen area as well as restroom or even you are looking to totally redesign your home, a house enhancement mortgage will likely be essential to financial the actual task, unless of course you have a put associated with money laying close to. Before you decide to be lent, you need to realize that a house enhancement mortgage is actually especially for focus on your home, and never to become baffled having a house collateral mortgage, that may be used to spend for several other activities.
Mortgage Objective
A house enhancement mortgage enables you to be lent cash to repair upward your house...

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