Can couriers photograph your house?

Companies across industries have always tried to get creative in myriad ways to either cover up what they are doing or to facilitate some process that otherwise seems complicated. Many such creative ways are quite astonishing, both in the negative and positive sense. Some methods are useful while some are very contentious.

The matter in question here is can couriers photograph your house. The truth is they can. But the real question is should they? There is no legal statute that prevents couriers from photographing your house but then it is a sort of an invasion of privacy. One can debate that in the era of Google Street View and Maps, most homes are anyway visible online and there are many types of surveillance used by state and private agencies for many reasons. But a courier company sending a parcel to Netherlands taking a photograph of your home to prove that they had been there and missed you is quite outrageous.

There have been many instances in the UK and some other countries where major courier companies have resorted to taking photographs of the property and their van or employees just to send the images to the customer to prove that they did their job. In an attempt to do this and after executing such a policy, employees of couriers and delivery guys have been seen taking photos in haste even without checking if the intended recipient is there in the house or property. This is outright malpractice.

Companies like having global networks have not endorsed this practice and have actually gone on record to condemn such policies that not just compromises privacy but also fuels a malpractice.

Admittedly, the courier industry has had problems with the recipients not being at the address at a given time. Courier companies have faced customers who claim to have been home and then couriers have falsely claimed that the delivery guys did visit the place. Hence, the photographing policy was and is aimed at ensuring that delivery guys get to the address and that customers cannot claim that the courier never reached them. It is hard to say who’s lying in a given instance because customers and courier companies both have been untrue in the past.

Surely, there has to be an alternative to a policy that is so contentious. With live vehicle tracking systems available today, companies or customers shouldn’t have to lie or make false claims. Everything can be made transparent.

The extraordinary properties at St. Louis by Rafco

Rafco is one of the leading property management and consulting company and giving the services to a large number of clients in the world wide. Initially, it was established as a small firm and managed four properties owned by the company’s original founders. Now, the Rafco Company has consisted of some awesome business services. Generally, this company is providing services to the clients for property management and also for maintenance, then managing the corporate campus, optimizing the faculty and the consultation and the associated services, in addition to that, the Rafco can provide the wonderful services to the customer with the policy of the above and beyond, which is known as the company can give you the services for the customers before and after buying the properties also.

12Benefits of buying properties at St. Louis

The properties that are sold by the Rafco are more trusted by the people around the world. Because, it provides the fantastic services like luxurious apartments, facility, rental and the property management in St. Louis to the consulting services. The ultimate goal of the Rafco properties St. Louis is the active management of your assets and help to protect and optimize the value of your investment in the properties. In order to that, the Rafco provides the high range of services to the clients for the property management reasons and you can get the efficient and comfortable plan tailored to the individual need of your property as well as your budget. Moreover, you can get a number of available properties on the internet in St. Louis. St. Louis is a fantastic place where you can buy the wonderful properties with the affordable price. In that manner, the Rafco provides a numerous properties in that beautiful place. You can get the properties with numerous benefits like wonderful apartments, all facilities with the advanced technologies. Moreover, you can get the properties in the affordable price also.

sadaThe wonderful services of the Rafco Company

In that manner, the Rafco provides the exceptional customized services with the insightful and proactive property management for the premium properties for the high demand customers. In addition to that, the Rafco serves the clients in the terms of commercial office, retail and the residential space. Moreover, the Rafco provides the modern style of the services and commitment to the clients with the use of advanced technologies. Additionally, the Rafco also provides the clients the professional cleaning services in St. Louis for sustaining of the clients. The cleaning services of the Rafco generally for many of the office buildings, retail place, condominiums, medical and health care facilities and the child care centres. So, if you want to purchase the properties with the Rafco properties St. Louis, then you can search in the internet to get the wonderful options for getting the properties. From all of these properties, you can choose the one that you are comfortable with it. So, the Rafco is one of the best choices for you to select the best property in St. Louis and get the wonderful property and save your investment with the Rafco.




There is nothing more that we’d like to do after a long day at work than to unwind in front of our large screen TV with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee. Our TV set has become our window to the outside world, providing us with a glimpse of the happenings and events around the world. They have become an essential part of our lives and home décor. Samsung, a pioneer in television technology, has strived to provide its customers with the best television experience with its huge range of TVs. Given below is the Samsung TV Price List of quite a few of the best models:-


  • Samsung 22F5100

This TV set is priced at around Rs.12, 000 and sports a 22” Full HD screen with a display resolution of 1920 x 1080p. The 2 USB ports will allow the user to indulge in some films, pictures, videos stored on the portable device on the screen. With the Sports Mode feature, the picture and sound quality is so enhanced that the thrill of watching sports is magnified manifold. It also comes with features like auto channel search, auto power off, sleep timer etc for the user’s convenience. An amazing sound is assured with the Dolby Pulse and Dolby Digital Plus technologies that the TV uses.

  • Samsung 32EH4003

The Rs.23, 000 (approx) TV sports a 32” screen which has a display resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. It has one HDMI and one USB port which allow the user to connect their Smartphone or memory stick to the TV and watch films, videos, play music etc. that is stored on the attached devices. It is equipped with a digital noise filter and advanced picture quality improvement algorithm which works to improve the quality of the picture that is played. To ensure durability and prevent damage to the TV, the device has humidity, surge and lightning protectors. On the sound front, the TV has Dolby Digital Plus Audio and SRS TheatreSound system.


  • Samsung UA32H5500AR

At Rs.32, 000 (approx), this 32” TV is a popular choice for TV buyers. It sports a Full HD display with resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Keeping up with the times, the TV has a screen mirroring technology which allows the user to view the contents of their Smartphone or computer on the TV screen with the help of Samsung’s Smart View 2.0 app. Also, the TV has Wide Color Enhancer Plus technology which improves the picture quality to give the user a better viewing experience.

  • Samsung 48H5500

This 48” LED, full HD screen has a resolution of 1920 x 1080p and is priced at around Rs.66, 000. It has built-in Wi-Fi and uses Wide Color Enhancer Plus and Dolby, DTS Premium Sound 5.1, DTS Studio Sound technologies to give a terrific overall TV watching experience.

  • Samsung 32H6400

The Rs.43, 000 (approx) full HD TV is equipped with 3D imaging to give the user a better picture quality. The user can also switch off the TV, adjust the volume etc. by giving voice commands. The quad processor makes it easy to switch between viewing TV content and web browsing.

Go ahead; indulge in that glass of wine while lazing in front of your brand new Samsung TV set.

Fiberglass Pools- Information You May Not Be Aware Of

These days, as the economy has started improving and as also the pool industry has regrouped, this the right time when the fiberglass pools should also make the move. As per the proponents, the concept of creating bodies of water for a wide range of customers position them well to get a strong alternative to the plaster/gunite and vinyl liner pools. The features like ease of maintenance, point to durability and the ease of installation are the key benefits, which would propel these Toronto fiberglass pools to new heights. Besides, as the manufacturing techniques have become advanced than before, therefore the creative possibilities of these pools have broaden a lot.

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Advantages of using metal roofing

Everyone wants their house to look like the most beautiful place on earth. At the same time they also want it to be protected. People spend a lot of time and money to ensure that their house is amongst the best of the best. Lots of people keep saving so that they can make the dream house of their choice. Some people are not shy to take huge loans to make this dream home a reality. So if you are amongst one of them then you would surely like to have a house that is not only good looking but also strongly build and well protected. While you may consider most of the aspects of the house before making it, you should consider that even roofing of your house will matter. When it comes to roofing there are many options available for you to select from. One of them is metal roofing. In this article we will learn about the various advantages of metal roofing. If you’re looking for a professional to install your roof, Feller Roofing is a great choice.

The first advantage of using such roofing is that they are strong and durable, this is also the case with Steel Buildings. When one builds a house he obviously expects that his house is strong and will last for a lifetime without a lot of maintenance. This type of roofing will do this for you. Most of the metal roofing comes with a warranty of 50 years which simply speaks about its quality and durability. With such a reliable roofing solution you are surely going to have peace of mind.

Their second advantage is that they are durable. They will easily last for over 50 years. There will hardly be a time where you will spend anything on their maintenance. Another USP of installing metal roofing is that it is going to prevent the development of mold in the insulation. This is often a major problem with all of the roofing systems. Metal roofing would be able to handle it effectively.

The best thing about installing them is that you would be able to save as much as 40 % on your electricity bills when you use such a roofing system in your house. They will help you in natural heating or cooling, and thus you don’t need to work as hard to deal with extreme climatic conditions when you have a roofing system such as this.

Last but not least, they look beautiful and will surely increase the value of your property. This is a rare combination of durability and style. Once you have them installed you will not have to worry about anything else. Its ultra modern European design is sure to impress anyone who sees it. So the final word would be: just go for it!

Air Duct Cleaning and Mold Removal Services

Duct cleaning is now considered as one of essential process for keeping oneself healthy. Dirty air ducts have their unique role in making environment as well as living space unhealthy in a sense. Some of the common activities that lead to spread of pollutants in surroundings are namely cooking, cleaning, dusting and smoking as well. These release greater amount of contaminants in its surroundings. These invisible light weighted air contaminants are not recorded to pose great danger on health of a person. Normal propellants for air ducts at houses are grills, diffusers, heat exchanges, cooling systems, condense draining systems, fan motors etc.

Air Duct Cleaner’s Services of Air Duct Cleaners Association

Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), an estimate is made for normal duct collection in a six house room’s house is around forty pounds of dirt, dust as well as allergens found in air ducts annually. These dusts usually have unhealthy bacteria, fungus as well as molds. According to EPA estimation, mostly adulterer and unhealthy air flows each time because of kicking on of heating as well as cooling systems.

Some Points to Consider Before Hiring Air Duct Cleaning Services

While hiring a professional for leaning out stoves as well as carpets, it is essential to watch carefully whether whole job is done carefully or not. This verifying process is not so easy in case of air duct cleaning process. Air duct cleaning is preferred to be done by some professional air duct cleaners rather than using homemade techniques. It is so because of lack of proper equipments for performing this work by oneself. It can also costly damage one’s ductwork as well as furnace with low quality equipment. Quality air duct cleaning may include all essential elements in HVAC system for its furnace cleaning.

One needs to make proper study as well as planning before hiring particular company for efficient removal of air ducts. Usually experienced and reputed company offers its clear checklist of their activities. Most advanced air duct cleaning companies have their high tech, outdoor equipments for filtering out all dirt as well as dust for removal. Use of handled vacuums and drills is avoided generally. Normal time period required for air duct cleaning to be conducted in efficient way can range among two to three hours. Fe companies completing their task in very short period that is less than one hour will have doubt created on their efficiency levels. Many companies offer great deals and discounts for their professional services to their customers for wide selection.

Mold Removal Services

There is presence of microscopic mold spores in almost all environments, outdoors as well indoors that makes it difficult to remove all molds from house. Mold removal is an essential activity which is conducted in most restoring businesses which offers guarantee for removing all earlier molds. Before hiring services of mold removal, one should know specific facts about molds such as its presence in almost all outdoors and indoors, these are microscopic and floating, have quick tendency to grow in colonies etc. These things are quite helpful in easy mod removal from a place.  Mold removal Panama city is easy with several number of companies dealing it professionally.

Picking Your Roofing Material

Duval-RoofingYou are planning on building your house, and you cannot decide what roofing is right for you. Or maybe your house got through some bad weather which left your roof severely damaged. With the myriad options out there, how do you pick the one that is right for you? This guide discusses each material allowing you to see how suitable it is for your particular house.

The factors that dictate the selection of materials are:

Type of House and Esthetics

The type of house. Certain houses like colonials or Victorian homes come with a certain esthetic that must be maintained, thus the roofing material is pretty much determined. In other cases, the frame of the house may not be strong enough to support a heavy roofing material like tiles.


Obviously this factors into all choices. If money is no object, then a more expensive shingle like copper may be suggested, whereas if it is a constraint, then asphalt shingles are a great alternative.


Certain climates predispose certain materials to faster destruction. In areas prone to wild fires, class C asphalt or cedar shingles are likely to burn, whereas a slate shingle would endure. Wet climates degrade wood shingles faster than concrete tiles. Thus the shingle must match the climate.

These factors must be considered as a whole and not the sum of the parts. If you have enough money to afford slate roofing but a structure that cannot support it, then it is not appropriate. As such, it is advisable to have a professional assess it, and have a frank discussion about your concerns so as to reach an agreement that is both pleasing and durable and keep future roof repair to a minimum.

The materials are:


It is relatively inexpensive, and is composed of either an organic felt or fiberglass which has asphalt incorporated into it. The organic felt tends to be less fire resistant than fiberglass. It is due to its cost that it is the most common roofing material.


Come in the form of shingles and shakes. Shingles are sawn by machine, whereas shakes are made by hand. Wood is loved for its natural look, however, it is not fire resistant. Wood shingles are gotten from Cedar or redwoods.


These are highly durable and are in the form of concrete or clay. They are esthetically pleasing, and come in many colors. They are however, very heavy and if the structure is not built to carry their weight, it will collapse.


Metal shingles are long lasting. This is because they are withstand all sorts of weather and geography. They also tend to be reflective, which could aid in energy preserving measures. They also tend be lightweight. They can be steel or copper, but coper tends to be very costly.


Slate is esthetically pleasing to the eye, and is available in multiple colors. It also happens to be indestructible making it highly durable. As such it also comes at a very high cost, and it also happens to very heavy.

Hopefully that will ease decision making. Remember to consider all factors as a whole. Now go out there and buy your roofing shingles.

Why Renting is Better than Buying in Panchkula?

The city of Panchkula in Haryana is a part of the Tricity that is formed by Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula. The city is one of the major hubs of residential properties bearing in mind that there is not a lot of scope of development in Chandigarh, and Panchkula is one of the most prominent cities in the country that has recently come up as a major hub of property development. The city is relatively new in development and is also an emerging centre of commercial development as well. For the past half a decade, the country has been suffering from an economic recession that witnessed its pinnacle in the year 2013. The situation started improving in the year 2014 and after the installation of the new central government, the market sentiments improved considerably. As a result, the demand for housing started increasing everywhere. It also did so in Panchkula as well and considering the promise the city presents, some of the biggest builders in the industry have invested in property development in the area. With the increased economic activity in the city, there is also a high demand for houses and room for rent in Panchkula.


Why is renting in Panchkula better than buying?

The city of Panchkula comprises of independent houses of the kind that cannot be built in the city of Chandigarh readily. These houses are priced at a premium and therefore are considered to be out of reach of most buyers. The property business in the city has emerged as one of the most prominent new options and in the light of the new economic development that is taking place, the property seekers in the city can save a lot of money when they rent properties instead of purchasing them. The overall growth of housing in Panchkula has emerged as one of the most prominent options for new investment but the quantum of money involved here is considerably high for someone new to the city.

It is also the matter of the new economic development and better opportunities that have presented themselves which have led to the growth of employment opportunities in the region. All those who arrive in the city can find plenty of options for houses or room for rent in Panchkula. It is expected that the overall growth of the city would be high and the property business in the city has emerged as one of the most prominent new options in the region. The growth is considered to be sustainable and therefore this demand is only going to grow in the times to come.

How to search for the best houses in Panchkula?

Property portal has emerged as a prominent new resource for searching houses in Panchkula. The portal now allows end users to search for the best properties in the city with considerable ease. The portal allows the end users to search for houses in the localities of Panchkula. The overall growth of housing here has been captured effectively. Property seekers can view the location of the house or room for rent in Panchkula in a map and therefore are able to choose for properties according to locations.

In Conclusion

Property portal has emerged as one of the most prominent new housing search options in the city of Panchkula.

Moving Services and Their Advantages

Moving has become the essential part of different families and company owners. People relocate basically on the grounds that they wish to do as such or some move with a commitment to move. People have different motivations to move or relocation. Finding opportunities, not happy with the encompassing and numerous all the more such reasons are behind the relocation of several families and corporate offices.

Depending on your requirements, there are a few sorts of moving services that you can appreciate. A few companies are specialists in offering neighborhood moving services and some hold skill in offering long separation moving services. On the off chance that you have to move your office then you have to contact a moving service that is master in corporate movement and comparably, for home relocation you have to contact a specialist service in home relocation. There are cases when a single company offers all the services and you can benefit yourself.

Moving services are very valuable for us as they help us in relocation without lifting a finger as well as make your turn fun. Nearby moving companies offer services to convey our heaps inside of the separation of 100 miles and you can likewise approach them for pressing, stockpiling and clearly transportation services. You can incline toward neighborhood moving companies for moving services when you have to move to an adjacent place as they charge less for nearby.

Long distance moving companies are proficient in offering long separation moving services. Such companies are favored for interstate moves and so forth. They are likewise known not pressing, stockpiling and different services in the event that you require. They have talented staff members who are capable in the methodologies of packing and storage techniques. By contracting such a moving service supplier, you can chop down your efforts and headache that are connected with the long separation move. You require not stressing over the security of your things as they can deal with and packing any sensitive and overwhelming thing effortlessly.

The companies charge as indicated by separation traveled and the heap that they are required to carry. So you can spare your bucks by chopping down the heaviness of your effects. You can give the unused things or you can likewise offer the things that are not being used. In the event that you are not ready to take the packing services then you require not paying for that and you can spare some more cash.

Are Florida Landlords Responsible for Mold Removal?

If you find mold growing in your home, you’re right to be concerned. Of course, it also raises a big question. Who is responsible for mold removal in Naples? Are landlords required to pay or is the cost the tenant’s responsibility? Here’s what you should know.


Health Risks of Mold

Mold is an environmental hazard that has the potential to cause health problems in susceptible people, including children, the elderly, and people with asthma, allergies, or chronic lung conditions. While it’s still unknown which types of molds can cause which health conditions, it is known that almost any type of mold can be a health hazard if present in high numbers.


Is the Landlord Responsible?

Mold claims reach billions and thousands of lawsuits are filed by victims every year. Both landlords and tenants bear some responsibility and liability in any rental situation, but one thing is very clear: landlords are responsible for maintaining the safety of their property and they are responsible for any damage that results from their failure to do so.


If a Naples landlord has reason to believe a rental property has mold, or the tenant complains of a mold problem, the landlord needs to hire a professional Naples mold remediation specialist. The landlord shouldn’t try to remove the mold on their own. As soon as the landlord receives notice that the property has mold, immediate action must be taken.


It’s important to understand that notice to the landlord is very important. If the landlord is unaware of the problem, they aren’t expected to do anything. Notice can come in many forms, including a complaint from a tenant or observations from the landlord or an employee.


Once the landlord is aware of the problem, he or she will be liable for all damages caused by the mold problem, including property damage to the structure, damage to the tenant’s property, medical expenses from the tenant, and other costs like relocation expenses and the cost of mold remediation.


Mold-related issues are a very common legal problem between Florida tenants and landlords as the high humidity in Naples offers the perfect breeding ground for mold. Florida law makes landlords and property managers responsible for remaining vigilant against the presence of mold. In most cases, landlords can buy insurance to cover the cost of mold removal, although most insurance policies require the landlord mitigate the cost of damages. This means that if there is additional damage that could have been prevented, the claim can be denied.


The bottom line is Florida law is clear: it’s the landlord’s responsibility to be aware of a mold problem and take action to make sure the rental property is safe. It’s also the tenant’s responsibility to notify the landlord quickly if he or she finds a mold problem. If a tenant knows there’s a mold infestation and does not tell the landlord, the landlord will likely win any claim of personal injury the tenant tries to file.