Online Mattress Companies: What People Are Saying

Mattresses: we all use them, all need them, and all have opinions on them, whether we go online and broadcast them or not. In today’s day and age, it’s important to be as informed a consumer as possible in order to ensure that you’re getting the best deals possible without sacrificing quality. One of the most helpful ways to find out about companies is to look at what other people are saying. The people who leave reviews do so because they felt strongly enough about the produce to take time out of their day and post something online about them, either as a cautionary tale or as a general description of what they thought.

In this article, we will give you a list of the top online mattress retailers, as well as an overview of the general opinion of customers towards these retailers; what they liked, disliked, and which consumer the company fits the best.



Lull has gotten good reviews from customers, particularly those who live in apartments or dorms and like the ultra-convenient bed-in-a-box business model that ships the mattress to them and allows them to open it in-house, without any extra hassle of trying to move it in. Memory foam, comfortability, and value have been what’s earned this relatively new mattress firm its popularity. The Lull mattress works especially well if you favor more than one sleeping position, but it’s not for fans of the traditional spring mattress — Lull is all about premium memory foam and modern construction.


Saatva is a well-known online retailer that specializes in luxury, high-end mattresses. They have been rated well by people because they offer valuable customer service and they also offer online representatives who are able to chat with customers in real time. Saatva mattresses tend to run pretty firm. What Saatva considers to be “soft” is actually rather firm for some people, and this is consistent across the board. Firmness is subjective. Saatva works best for individuals who are able to afford a higher-priced luxury mattress and who have a home with a spacious bedroom (i.e. not a dorm room, apartment, or somewhere smaller.)


Leesa has one model and firmness available. This firmness has proven to be too firm for those who like to sleep on their side, according to the feel from reviews posted on consumer websites. According to reviews, Leesa has an 80% owner satisfaction rating and is lower-priced, something that works well for consumers not looking to break the bank. Leesa also, despite not having a high variation on models, hasn’t been the recipient of a lot of criticism when it comes to back pain. This brand is best for people who don’t need options when it comes to mattress selection and are able to sleep on just about any mattress.


Casper is a newer company. It provides an all-foam mattress with a top, bottom, and middle layer. One common complaint that a lot of people had was that Casper didn’t provide enough cooling for them. If you’re a heavy sleeper or require a mattress that has a lot of cooling power, you may want to consider selecting a different brand, as the common feel from consumers who need a lot of cooling in their mattress was that it was too warm. However, the company itself has gotten good reviews from people who are average sleepers who don’t require a super-cool mattress. The customer review reports for this new company have also looked positive, as people found Casper representatives to be helpful and polite.

Tuft & Needle

The Turf & Needle mattress is built from two different layers of foam. Tuft & Needle sells foam mattresses that aren’t too warm and clunky. The cover of the mattress is made from thin cotton, so if you’re used to more quilted, thick mattress covers, Tuft & Needle is not for you. Tuft & Needle is also not for people who are looking to save money, as their competitors (us) are able to make what they’re making and offer it at a lower price. Turf & Needle’s firmness level, according to consumer reviews, is a 6.6 out of 10, which is a little over medium-firmness. If you require a mattress that is super-firm, Tuft & Needle is not for you.

Your mattress is something that you’re going to use every single night. It is a really important part of your home, and you want to make sure that you know you’re making the right decisions. Every mattress company has its pros and cons, and understanding those and making an informed decision on whether or not you’re right for a company’s brand is up to you. Hopefully, this article has helped you distinguish between the online mattress sellers and see which one best suits your needs.

Get the Clutter Out of Your Home Today

Do you sometimes wonder in amazement about just how much stuff you have around your home or apartment?

In some cases, you might seem like a perfect candidate for one of those TV shows about hoarders. In other cases, you might be about ready to rip your hair out over the fact that space is at such a premium in your home.

No matter what the situation is that you face, you can improve your spacing issues around the home by considering renting out a storage unit.

So, are you ready to get the clutter out of your home today?

Finding the Ideal Storage Solution

When it comes to dealing with the matter of storage units near me, how are you going about trying to find them?

For starters, word-of-mouth typically never hurts.

Talk to extended family members, friends, co-workers etc. to see where they might recommend.

If you are new to the area, leaning on those that have lived in the community for a number of years can certainly be helpful. Their knowledge may be just what you need in order to find the best storage facility at the best price.

You can also opt for the Internet, something millions of consumers do on a daily basis no matter what product and/or service they find themselves needing.

For instance, you can start out by doing a Google search, using keywords such as storage centers, storage, storage space etc. Those searches are likely to turn up a number of options in the community you call home or nearby communities.

From there, take the time to do some research on each and every facility you might consider using for your possessions.

Among the areas to zero-in on:

  • Security – First and foremost, how secure is the facility and the neighborhood surrounding it? Do some research to see if you can get your hands on any crime stats for the area. Also look to see if the facility has video cameras and/or locked fences surrounding the property. Video cameras prove great in the event there is some sort of break-in and/or theft at the facility. They may very well catch the individual or individuals plus a vehicle on tape. As for locked fencing, you should only be storing your items at a site where either a key or computer pad code is needed to enter the facility;
  • Climate – Another important item is making sure the facility has the right climate-control procedures in place. This means that the rooms do not get too hot or too cold. You also want a facility where water is kept out. If the facility has leaks and/or not the appropriate amount of ventilation, you could easily wind up seeing mold growing in and around your unit. When that happens, you could very well lose some or all of your possessions. Those possessions may be irreplaceable, items like photos, antiques, personal documents etc. If the facility ownership is reluctant to tell you about how they protect your stuff, look elsewhere;
  • Pricing – Finally, be sure to read any and all details of a contract should you settle on a storage center. Although most of these deals are pretty straightforward, you do not want to be caught off guard by some unexpected and/or hidden costs down the road. Also consider taking a shorter lease, giving you some time to see if you in fact like the facility. Taking a long-term lease can prove problematic if you rent a unit, only to determine you do not like it. You’re then either stuck there or may have to pay a “kill fee” to get out of your arrangement with ownership.

As you look for ways to lessen the clutter around your home, always first look at what you really need to keep and what can get tossed.

Assuming there are still many items to go, a storage unit is your best option.

The last thing you want to deal with is a home where stuff is all over the place, leading to both a messy look and a potential fire hazard and/or injury zone.

If you want to truly enjoy a good night’s sleep in your home, not having to worry about all that clutter around the house is a good starting place.


The Many Benefits of Mixing Concrete on Site

21Many feel it is not safe to mix your concrete on site. However, the truth remains that mixing concrete on site has loads of benefits that makes it even better than RMC. Never be carried away by theories of the innumerable disadvantages associated with this method of making concrete. You only need to take a deeper look and you will discover the innumerable benefits of mixing concrete on site.

 All the raw materials required for the concrete mixing are brought to the site for all to see. Therefore, there is nothing hidden whatsoever during the mixing process. This on its own makes this process one of the best for anyone interested in properly monitoring his/her construction projects. Mixing concrete on site enables you to properly assess the quality and weigh the quantity of each of the items used before such items are used. You will be able to assess the amount of water, cement, stone and sand being used for making the concrete before the raw materials are added together.

Many of the outlets involved in construction works ensure each of these raw materials are conveyed down to the construction site using separate compartments. Consequently, mixing concrete on site can start right from the beginning while you look on and assess exactly how everything is done.


Many of the outlets providing this service have now improved on service delivery. They make sure concrete mix on site trucks are used at the construction site and this quickens the rate at which the concrete mixing is done. Therefore, the theories of delay being propagated against this concrete mixing process are never substantial.

These days, the water, rock, sand and cement used in the construction process are all rationed to meet the exact need of the engineer. In addition, concrete mix on site trucks are fitted with mobile batching plant and this makes the job even faster than ever before.

The concrete mixing process can be done to meet with your exact expectation and it can start according to your schedule. Use of large mixers can cost you more; this is never the case when you mix the concrete on site using concrete mix on site trucks. This process is equally more cost effective than any other. Additionally, amount of fuel used is less.

Mixing the concrete on site makes your extensions houses constructions even more economical; since you will never have to waste any of the concrete-making materials. The process is environmentally friendly. Air pollution is highly reduced, same for noise pollution.

Easy cleanup is one of the many factors that make on site mixing of concrete better. Since quantity of raw materials used per mixing is small, the cleanup is therefore easier. You only have to drive away the truck once the job is done. You will never have to bother about how to dispose of left over concrete or how to clean the mixer. Consequently, the extensions houses construction can be done without much exertion. The slump control benefit of this method is also one of the benefits that make it better than many others.


Advice for Purchasing Real Estate Near a University

If you are thinking about purchasing real estate near a university, you want to consider a few crucial factors that can help make your investment pay off. Indeed, there are a number of reasons why you may want to invest in real estate near a college campus. For one thing, college towns are not affected by the same fluctuations in the market. For instance, if the real estate market is in flux, your property in the college town will still be appreciating in value. This is because college real estate increases in valuation according to the demand of the college. If the college becomes particularly popular, your property will be worth even more. Plus, if you are purchasing the property for a child that is going off to college, you will need to know if purchasing is the right move.

Here is some advice for purchasing real estate near a university.

Survey the Area Before Making a Purchase

Before you make a purchase, or invest any money, you want to survey the area very carefully. If you don’t do your due diligence, you may realize that your property is a dud. Ideally, you want to know if you should be investing closer to campus or further away – some spots may be hotter in terms of demand.

Know Why You Are Purchasing Real Estate in a College Area

Of course, you also want to have a reason for investing in a college town. If you are investing in a college town for the sake of providing your son or daughter a space to live, this is a perfectly good reason. However, you want to have a plan for when your child graduates. Will you sell the property or will you turn it into a rental property or will you keep it empty?

Look into Tax Breaks

Some college towns have great tax breaks, which makes it really easy to invest in college towns. These breaks could save you a lot of money and they will allow you the opportunity to build according to your plans. Some communities have very strict restrictions and you may be up against community backlash. In a college town, new properties and living spaces are welcomed – mostly because there is limited space in college towns.

Think About Purchasing Property for Your Child

If your child decides to stay at home, he or she can take WSU’s MBA online degree program or another online program. However, if your child decides to attend Kent State University, you may need to help with housing. If you want to make the most out of it, you may want to think about purchasing the property. This is a great way to make a strong investment and provide housing for your child.

Decide if You Will Flip or Retain

On top of everything, you want to decide whether you will flip the property or retain it. If you retain the property, it may increase in value and you can make your money back and much more in ten years. In the end, though, you may simply want to update and flip, which will also make you a great return.

Condo moving tips and tricks

Condo living is an interesting experience, and with new condo developments popping up in major city centres all over the world, it is becoming an experience shared by more and more people from different walks of life. From the young single professional looking to own their first home to the empty nester couple looking to downsize to a more affordable and convenient living situation, condo living offers a chance to live a trendy and modern lifestyle in today’s fast-paced metropolitan environment. The transition into condo life can be rough for many people, with new challenges and unique problems that many people are not used to, especially for those that are new to communal living. Below are some tips and tricks that you might find useful if you are considering a condo for your next move.

carrying and lifting boxes
carrying and lifting boxes

Condo community

A condo is in itself a community of individuals living in a single building. While each owns their own space, the building itself and all its amenities are communally owned. Instead of paying rent, one often pays fees to the homeowners association of the building to maintain communal spaces.

As an owner of a unit, you belong in said homeowners association, and thus have some say in the governance of your condo. While condo politics can get long-winded and boring fairly quickly, it’s important to know where your money is going. It also never hurts to make a few new friends and truly experience living in a unique community. It might be a good idea to show up once in a while to a homeowners association meeting to make sure your needs are met and to be informed in advance of any changes in building policies, such as noise curfews, scheduled maintenance, or proposed construction and renovation plans.

Condo feels cramped?

One major challenge of condo living is the issue of space, especially in older condos or bachelor units. Unfortunately, tearing down walls to make more space usually is not an option in a condo, but there are certain tricks that will make your living space feel bigger than it is. Lighting is a major factor; a small space will look even smaller without proper lighting. Harsh direct lighting is not a great solution since it can cast big dark shadows and make space feel more claustrophobic.

In a room that receives indirect sunlight, mirrors can help brighten up your space. Reflected light will lessen shadows and open up small rooms. When choosing light bulbs, go for cooler frosted lights, such as LEDs or fluorescent bulbs; not only do they last longer and use less energy, but a soft white light or one with bluish tint will make your space feel more open than the harsh yellow light of an incandescent bulb.

When choosing paint, consider lighter colours or good old fashioned white, since light will reflect more easily and cast soft indirect light throughout the room. Avoid any colours that are too vibrant or intense, as they will end up looking gaudy and suffocate a space. Choose furniture with clean lines and simple low profiles to avoid a cluttered look, and consider storage pieces with vertical components – if you have little floor space, the only way left to go is up.


For those who enjoy their music a bit louder than others or those who would rather not hear their neighbour singing in the shower next door, soundproofing is a good way to isolate a living space and make it feel more ‘yours’. Professional soundproofing would be ideal, but can get very expensive. Thankfully, there is an easy and quick trick to make your condo a bit quieter. Sound tends to bounce off of hard surfaces and echo, amplifying in intensity. By hanging curtains or drapes over bare walls, you can lessen the transmission of noise between your unit and your neighbours. If you get creative, textiles and drapery can also make for an interesting decor piece. Rugs and plush carpeting will help soften the sound of footsteps and help absorb sound from downstairs. Softening hard surfaces,especially in wide open areas of your condo, will help reduce echoing and unwanted noise.

How to Choose the Perfect Headboard

When it comes to furnishing a bedroom, there are lots of things that you will need to do from buying a bed through to choosing your bedside tables but one of the most important things to focus on is the headboard. A headboard acts as a frame for a bed and it is often more noticeable than the bed itself, as it stands high above the back of the bed. How high it comes up is a personal choice and will partly depend on the style of the bedroom itself, as well as the type of bed that you choose.

King size beds are often a popular choice, as they give you more room than a double but are not as intrusive as a super king or an emperor size bed. Good quality upholstered king size headboards can be purchased online and they come in a range of designs, shapes, colours and sizes to suit an array of bedrooms.

Online Shopping

Shopping online for a new headboard is often the best way to get hold of a good quality headboard for an affordable price.

However, there are a whole host of other reasons why online shopping is a great way to get hold of a new headboard including the following;

  • There is a wide choice of headboards varying in sizes, materials and designs making it easy to find exactly what you want
  • The internet is a convenient way to shop, as you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home
  • Delivery can be organised, so you don’t have to work out how you will transport it
  • You can shop in the middle of the day or night for your headboard, without being constrained to shop opening hours

It is easy to read the product descriptions and look at the accompanying photographs to find the headboard that you want and you won’t feel any pressure from pushy salespeople like you can when you go shopping in a store.

Design & Style

One of the most important things to think about is the design and the style, as this will have an impact on the entire bedroom. From regal cuts with thick borders through to straight lines with buttons; there are a wide range of styles to choose between making it easy to find a design that will work well with your bed and the entire room.

The Fabric

Another factor that will affect the look and feel of a headboard is what material it is made from and below are a few of the most popular:

  • Chenile
  • Shiny and matte fabrics
  • Different weaves
  • Crushed or shimmery velvet
  • Leather or suede (faux and real)
  • Linen, cotton, tweed or wool

Sizes & Colours

Other important things to consider are the size and the colour of the headboard. Anything from single up to emperor size headboards can be purchased and it is also possible to choose any colour that you want, so take your time and consider all of your options before making a decision.





What are Green Condos? Signs to Look For when Searching for Eco-Friendly Living Space

Green condos pertain to condominiums that are environmentally friendly. These properties are testaments to the possibility of sustainable living.

Now that’s all well and good, but what exactly do these things mean? To illustrate these points more clearly, here are some concrete examples:

The Use of Alternative Energy Sources

In the summer, air conditioners are a godsend. But you do realize that they generate heat. What you probably don’t realize is that the heat a building generates can be used as an energy source. The heat seeps to the ground and technology can be discreetly installed to draw that heat.

Thus, it’s possible for your unit to use conventional hydroelectricity during times when the energy costs are low. When the costs go up, the building can then draw power from the ground instead. Such a system can reduce your electricity bills by as much as 30% for the next 7 years.

Other Signs to Look For

Green condominiums may also offer several notable features, such as:

  1. Water-efficient fixtures. These can minimize the waste of water. When put into all the units of a condominium building, the total water savings can be considerable. These can include bathroom-flushing fixtures that don’t use up more water than necessary.
  2. Programmable thermostats. These can make heating much more energy-efficient. Now heaters can activate only when there are people who can benefit from the heat, so unoccupied rooms aren’t going to be unnecessarily heated. These thermostats can turn on half an hour before you arrive home, so that you can come home to a warm and tasty living space. And they can automatically turn off when you’re about to sleep, or if you go on vacation.
  3. Timer-controlled and photocell exterior lighting. Why should the lights be on when it’s daytime? That just wastes electricity. But a photocell exterior lighting system can turn on only when it’s dark, and it can turn off when the sun rises in the morning. Or alternatively, it can turn on or off at specific times each day. There’s no need to worry about someone forgetting to turn off the lights.
  4. Natural gas generator. This can give you some sort of independence from the conventional power grid.
  5. A “smart” system. Smart features are all the rage in many homes these days, so it certainly shouldn’t surprise you that entire buildings can be outfitted with a smart system. A smart system isn’t just programmable. It can be remotely controlled through smartphone apps, so that you can turn off appliances at home even when you’re away at work or even on vacation. What’s more, it’s possible for a smart system to actually learn your habits, so that it can turn itself on or off according to your normal schedule. Sometime it can even differentiate between a schedule for the weekdays and a schedule for the weekend.

Going green isn’t just a fad, or even an idealistic obligation. It’s simply common sense—you save money by going green.

Why Extermination is the Best Solution for the Household

Many people regard the presence of insects in the home as a mere annoyance. They think that because they’re regarded as “pests,” they’re a very minor problem. But that’s not really true at all. In fact, they can actually pose a serious threat to the well-being of every resident (and visitor) in your home. This is why you need to consider extermination—there should be no compromise on this at all.

  1. Mosquitos. Stop thinking of mosquitos as insects that simply cause itchy bites and make it difficult for you to sleep. Of all the animals that pose a threat to people, mosquitos are the worst. Every year, more than 1 million people die from malaria, which is a mosquito-borne disease. Other diseases in this category include dengue fever, the West Nile Virus and the Zika virus. If there’s an insect that deserves extermination, this is it.
  2. Flies. This is another fairly common household pest. The problem with flies is that they’re attracted to garbage and other disgusting things, and then they land on your food. That means the germs they’ve picked up in garbage cans are now in the food you eat. That’s an easy way to spread disease.
  3. Wasps and bees. While entomologists can probably give a lecture on the difference between the two insects, for most of us what really matters is that both of them can sting. Not only are these stings painful and itchy, but if you’re allergic to their stings then you can react very badly. You can even die—Lucie F. Roussel, the mayor of La Prairie in Montreal, died from wasp stings in 2014.
  4. Ticks. These jumping insects that can get into your furry pets as well can cause human medical problems like Lyme disease, encephalitis, or a very serious fever. So they’re not just a problem for your pets.
  5. Fleas. These are also insects that like to get onto your pet dogs or cats, or even onto you. These pests can cause itchiness that can lead to incessant scratching, and that in turn can lead to skin sores and infection. And if that’s not enough of a threat, keep in mind that they can also carry dangerous diseases, including tapeworm and typhus.
  6. Termites. A lot of people who collect books are aghast when they find that termites have destroyed their prized literary copies. But that’s not the worst they can do. These insects are attracted to wood, and that means they can pose a risk to the structural integrity of your home. Sometimes it’s hard to discover their presence until it’s too late, as they like hiding out in dark areas.
  7. Ants. For many people, the presence of ants doesn’t represent much of a danger at all. But that’s not really true. Ants can also sting, and some varieties of fire ants have been found in Canada. But even if they’re regular ants, they can get into your food and contaminate what you eat.

As you can see, there’s no good reason why you have to tolerate the presence of these pests. They’re a danger to you and your family.

How to Clean Your Carpet the Right Way

It’s not surprising that many people call professional cleaners to deal with their carpets. After all, they have sophisticated carpet cleaning equipment mounted on trucks that can apply heated water at high a pressure. They also have a large inventory of cleaning agents that can get rid of any type of stain.

But what they also possess is a wealth of knowledge and experience, so that they’re certain of what works or not when it comes to carpet cleaning. Fortunately, such knowledge can be shared.

Here are some tips from the experts that you can use when cleaning your carpet:

  1. Always blot, never rub. When you discover a stain on your rug, you need to use paper towels, a cleaning cloth, or a sponge along with the appropriate cleaning solution. Blot or dab the stains so you soak up the spill. When you rub, you ground the particles deeper into the fibers, which can then cause the fibers to break down. You should also blot from the outside going inward, so you don’t spread the stain.
  2. Use shaving cream for general stains. Just apply it to the stain directly, and then let it sit for about half an hour. After the shaving cream has set, you can then blot it off with a dry white cloth. Then spray the area with a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water. Wipe the solution off with a cloth, and you’re done.
  3. Club soda works for alcohol stains. Club soda is a great mixer for liquor. But you can also use it for beer and wine stains. Start by blotting the stain with some soda on your cloth. If the stain remains, follow it up by spraying water and white vinegar solution. Let it sit for about 15 minutes, then soak up the solution and stain with a sponge. You may have to repeat this process until the stain disappears.

However, you’re not done yet. You still have to rinse the area with warm water, while you manually brush the carpet strands to their natural direction. Then put on some white paper towels on the stain are, and secure the towels with a thick book. The paper towels should then absorb the moisture, so leave it there until the carpet dries up. This’ll take about a day.

  1. Use dishwashing detergent for grease. Dishwashing agent works very well in removing the grease from your dishes. It works for grease stains too. Put a drop or two in a cup of water, and you have an effective cleaning solution you can spray on a grease stain on your carpet. Just blot it afterwards, and then repeat the process until the strain disappears.

As you can see, you don’t really need expensive carpet cleaning equipment for most carpet stains. However, for difficult stains, a pro may still be your best hope. Sometimes the best equipment makes all the difference in the world.

Looking for the Best Condos in Montreal? Check Out Ahuntsic-Cartierville

Montreal is seriously a great city to live in for dedicated urbanites. It’s widely considered as Canada’s cultural capital; there are than a hundred festivals a year, it’s one of the world’s best food cities, and the nightlife rocks. But which neighborhood should you live in? If you’re looking for condos in Montreal, the Ahuntsic-Cartierville neighborhood may be an ideal location. Here are some reasons why:

  1. The Promenade Fleury is nearby. This is the stretch of Fleury streets where you can socialize with your friends and enjoy the company of loved ones. Here you can find restaurants, bars, cafés, shops, and teahouses.
  2. Lots of bars. Did someone mention bars? You won’t run out of such places in Ahuntsic-Cartierville. There’s Les Incorruptibles with their wines, oysters, and local cheeses. Sharky’s Bar Lounge is nice and cozy. You can catch a beer in Pub Cartierville Enr. The Uber Cafbar is also relaxing, especially when you try their long list of wine and beer. Or you can try the cocktails in Le 132 Bar Vintage.
  3. It’s filled with magnificent parks. The best way to enjoy the arrival of summer s to spend some time in a park. And you’ve got lots of choices available. You can go for a lakeside leisurely walk in the parks along the Riviere des Prairies. The Ahuntsic Park has a water fountain, and Parc-nature-l’île-de-la-Visitation is where you’ll find an exquisite terrasses perfect for the summer.
  4. You have terrasses galore. In France, a terrasse is a paved area right outside a café, where you can enjoy your refreshments while you enjoy the day. And in Ahuntsic-Cartierville, just about every establishment has a terrasse so you can enjoy your meal in the glorious outdoors at any time of the day in the summer months.
  5. Marché Central. If you live in other places, then malls for you are indoor complexes where you can shop without noticing the passage of time. During the summer, it can be confusing if you have to choose between spending time in the mall and enjoying the day outdoors. But at the Marché Central, you can do both—it’s an outdoor mall.
  6. You can also play sports indoors. That’s due to the Complexe Sportif Claude-Robillard, which offers the very best of indoor fun (in public, anyway). Are you looking for an Olympic-sized swimming pool? You’ll find one here, along with gyms, running tracks, and even soccer fields.
  7. You can also enjoy various types of action sports with wheels. We’re talking about riding a scooter, BMX, skateboarding, and inline skating. You can do all these at TAZ, one of the largest indoor sports centers in Canada.

You won’t get bored in Ahuntsic-Cartierville. So if you’re looking for condos in Montreal, you should look for one here. Get a condo in this neighborhood, and a world of fun is right outside your door.