Home Décor Trends for 2017

If you are having trouble choosing modern furniture for your home, it may help to look at the latest trends. Taking a look at interior design ideas, you can gain the inspiration that you need to redecorate your home.

Pay attention to the following home décor trends for 2017 before you start decorating.

Rescued or Repurposed Furniture

One of the most popular trends that you can expect for the coming year is the use of repurposed furniture.

By taking old or worn furniture and giving it a new paint job or a simple DIY renovation, you can easily breathe new life into tables, shelves, and other furniture.

This is perhaps one of the biggest modern furniture trends, as people are looking for ways to limit their dependency on new products and reduce their carbon footprint.

Stainless Steel Furniture and Home Décor

Stainless steel is also making a comeback – in a big way. Instead of stainless steel appliances, many homeowners and interior designers are incorporating furniture with stainless steel elements.

A few examples of this modern furniture trend include chairs, tables, and couches with stainless steel trim or legs. This is a great option when you are trying to create a contemporary look.

Terracotta Furnishings and Tiles

Terracotta refers to baked earth ceramics. Using terracotta furnishings can give your room a more inviting atmosphere.

The natural earth colors of the terracotta tiles and trim will start to replace the popular choice of using white tiling for a contemporary style. It adds warmth and a little more character to your home.

Upholstered Headboards for Your Bedroom

Another recent trend is the use of upholstered headboards. You may have noticed that several of these modern furniture trends involve styles that help add warmth to the room. The use of upholstered headboards is no exception.

Traditionally, upholstered headboards feature neutral colors with padding and buttons. This should work well with any contemporary or modern furniture for the bedroom.

Natural Textures in Any Room

The next trend to pay attention to is the use of natural textures. This can be applied to any room. Natural textures include woven fabrics and wood grain furnishings. This basically offers a bridge between organic styles and contemporary décor.

You can use natural textures with several of the other trends. For example, combining the natural textures with terracotta tiling brings more warmth to the room. You could also pair natural textures with repurposed furniture.

Watercolor Paintings on Wallpaper

Wallpaper has been out of date for a while, but it is beginning to make its way back into homes. This is thanks to the recent interest in wallpaper that features watercolor paintings.

Instead of attempting to create your own mixture of colors, these watercolor wallpaper designs provide an instant solution for adding depth and texture to your room. The designs cover everything from floral prints to landscapes. You can even find geometric patterns.

Mixed Metal Hardware and Décor

Mixed metal refers to the combination of different metals with other materials and textures. For example, dining room chairs with comfortable padding and gold legs or end tables that combine a glass top with a polished brass frame.

You can also create your own mixed metal accents. Removing boring wooden handles, buttons, and hardware from your furniture and replacing with gold or brass will instantly update your modern furniture.

Flowers Are Going to Appear Everywhere

Anther popular trend is the use of flowers. This does not mean that more people will be displaying real flowers in vases. Instead, it refers to the use of modern furniture and home décor with designs inspired by flowers.

This includes ceiling fans and light fixtures designed to resemble flowers or home décor with floral prints. This is somewhat of a throwback to the styles of the 1980’s. In fact, quite a few of these modern trends borrow heavily from the styles of the past several decades.

The Color Green is the Color of 2017

The final trend to discuss is the use of the color green. This will be the big color for 2017. You will see lots of green lampshades, green wallpaper prints, and even green furniture.

Again, you can easily combine the use of green furnishings with the other trends. Green complements the natural hues of terracotta furniture and works well with mixed metals.

2017 will bring comfort. That is the main word for the latest trends. People are looking for more comfortable styles.

You should now have a few ideas to help inspire your interior decorating. One of the best ways to begin renovating a room is to start with a central piece. Choose the most important piece of modern furniture in the room and find complementary furnishings to help highlight the best elements of your focal point.

Good luck with your renovations and do not forget to plan out your decorating ideas before getting started.


Winters: Perfect Time to Prepare Your Garden

Winter means time to gear up to maintain your garden! Plants become dormant under snow and frost. The foliage of annual flowers and vegetables, that if left out, cause pathogens, disease and insects during the winter. Make sure you treat your garden well during winters to make it ready for hot summer!

Don’t you exactly know how to start the work? No problem!

Oeco Garden Rooms is suggesting following handy tips for your beautiful garden:

  1. Lawn Maintenance:

Prepare your lawn for the summer ahead. Winter is best time because soil is activated during winters absorbs energy and nutrients that are essential for plants.

  • Clear all the grass.
  • Dig out the whole area; rake it properly and let it get settled.
  • Make sure you spread the clumps of soil to give the best base for the lawn.
  • Keep the lawn clean and well treated with herbicides. Make sure weeds don’t pop out.
  • Mow the lawn regularly during winters. Length of the grass should be kept at a medium to let the sunlight reach properly.
  • Never forget to rake the fallen leaves lest it should cause fungal diseases.
  1. Don’t Ignore the Plants:

The plants don’t die in winters. They become dormant. So, make sure that:

  • The dead stems and foliage are cleared from the garden. Remember, they spread diseases.
  • Mulch is life line of winter garden and must be spread all over the garden. It will help retain moisture, prevent erosion and enrich the soil for plants.
  1. Secure The Equipments:

Since, winter is time for rest, mowers and other heavy lawn equipments are not required. So, before storing them, see carefully that:

  • Battery is removed
  • It is out of fuel. If not, make it!
  • Blades are clean.
  • External pipes of machines are covered with plastic of any coarse fabric.
  • It is kept in dry place.
  • Tools are lubricated to prevent corrosion.

The Latest Trends in Garden Maintenance:

Carefully maintained garden deserves to be beautifully decorated. Here are some of the suggestions:

  1. Landscaping:

One of the best ideas for your garden is landscaping. This is highly time and moneysaving option for your garden. It keeps you from the tedious task of mulching, pruning, trimming and mowing the garden. To create beautiful environment, you should go with this idea. It requires little maintenance.

  1. Keep Pots and Containers:

If you are fed up of large berry bushes and want to make more space, get used to pots. Place the berry pots wherever you like in the garden. You can even hang them. They are easy to maintain and great idea to give a unique touch.

  1. Little Kitchen Garden:

Herbs are popular as well as very useful. They can be grown in quite small areas like window sills or small pots.

  1. Garden Rooms:

This idea is also becoming popular, especially for those who want to make home office or need sometime alone for their hobbies. Insulated garden rooms give a decorated look and can be used in all seasons.

  1. The Garden Gadgets:

Tech-oriented gardens always seem attractive. Plant sensors, automated sprinkles, robot lawn mowers, blowers, solar tiles or scarecrow can be good options to decorate your garden.

Why should you install a geothermal heating system in your house


The environment that we live in today needs a lot of caring. There is so much pollution caused by the traffic and industries, there are so many people who have gotten sick because of the polluted air that is in the environment. So many appliances that we use today are contributing towards global warming Etc. We need to pay attention to the things that are harmful to the environment. Many times, we use appliances and machinery that release toxins in the air. These appliances have become our necessity. Also, these appliances also consume a lot of energy and are very costly. We need to find an effective solution to this problem.

During the winter season, we all need a central heater as well as heated water. For that purpose, we use heat suppliers that consume a lot of energy. These appliances also cost a lot of money. Similarly, in the summers we have to use the air conditioners in the cool air.  We cannot just quit using these things because these things are necessary for us. However, there is one thing we can do. And that thing is we can use geothermal heating. Geothermal heating has taken the world in its grasp. It is highly cost effective and also does the work that is required by it.

The best thing about the geothermal heating is that it can reduce your energy costs by up to 80%, if not more. It has a very simple working method. Basically, geothermal heating system absorbs all the heat stored in the ground. That water which circulates in its underground loop. This heat is then sent as warm, cozy and comfortable air throughout your home. The same concept can also be used to get cold air and water from the geothermal cooling system. This way not only you will be getting warm air as well as heated water in winters,but you will also be saving on energy costs. That is because,the geothermal heating and cooling systems absorb the heat from pure solar energy. The solar heat is enough thermal energy that will be needed by the geothermal heating system. You are also reducing any release of toxin chemicals from this device. That is because it is using the solar energy to do its work. This solar energy is stored in the ground.

A lot of people are buying geothermal heating systems because they are very budget friendly. Also, here it will good to mention that they are very environmentally friendly as well. This geothermal heating system if efficiently placed and installed can save you a lot of money on energy costs. This heating system provides enough supply of heating and hot water to the whole household during the entire winter season. So, if you are thinking of getting a heating system or a separate cooling system, rethink your decision, with the geothermal heating cooling system you can witness the pay off for your self.