Unclogging Drains in Your Home

Every homeowner will encounter a clogged drain a few times. Any drain has the ability to clog, and they will for a variety of reasons. Many times, the homeowner can unclog the drain by themselves. Unfortunately, there are some situations when a plumber must come fix the clog. Here are some of the most common clogged drain issues and how to fix them.

Image Credits lv11, CC0 1.0
Image Credits lv11, CC0 1.0

Bathroom Drains

The bathroom has a number of drains that could potentially be clogged. Most of these situations can be resolved by some straightforward methods.

  • Shower Drains

Showers can become clogged for a variety of reasons such as lumps of hair, dirt, grease and soap. Hair can easily become wrapped around parts of the drain. Having more than one person in the house with long hair can lead to frequent clogging. Here are some methods to try to fix a clogged shower drain.

  • Pour boiling water down the drain
  • Plunging the drain
  • Using baking soda and vinegar as a natural alternative. This also will not damage plastic pipes unlike chemical options.
  • Removing drain cover and pulling out the clog by hand. Remember to wear gloves
  • If possible, a 24 hour plumber San Diego can come in and use a plumber’s snake. A snake, also called a toilet jack, will work nearly every time. When nothing else works, it is time to call the experts.
  • Clogged Toilet

Everyone is guaranteed to face this problem a few times in their lives. Parents can expect children to flush things they shouldn’t. Adults can cause the clog as well. Here are some options.

  • Plunger – for most clogs, this is all you will need. Sometimes, you may have to plunge 15 to 20 times before it is fully effective. Remember to keep enough water in the bowl to keep the plunger covered. Forcing air into the toilet trap won’t generate enough pressure to release the clog.
  • Snake – if you own a drain snake, you can feed the pipes until finding the clog. Then, you twist the snake and it will break through the clog.
  • Removing the toilet – when all else fails, you may have to pull up the toilet. Unless you understand this process, it may be wise to call a 24 hour plumber to ensure all is taken apart appropriately.

Kitchen Drains and Disposals

Kitchen sinks frequently experience clogs. This is because they are faced with items such as food particles and grease on a frequent basis. If the water in your sink won’t drain or drains very slowly, there is a good chance you have a clog. Here are some ways to try to unclog the drain yourself.

  • Coat Hanger – This is best used for a two sided sink. You must locate the waste tee under the sink. If the water is backing up on the side without the waste tee, there is a good chance this will work. You have to bend the hook on the side of the metal coat hanger so it can reach the clog.
  • Snake – Once again, a snake can save you time and help unclog drains. The benefit of using a snake is that you won’t have to take apart the sink and rains. You have to push the snake cable down to the basket strainer.

Kitchen disposals can easily become clogged. Most people want to avoid introducing chemical drain cleaners because it can lead to corrosion or damage to the pipes.

  • Try using baking soda and vinegar to break up the clog. This is a healthier alternative to chemicals.
  • Use a flashlight to ensure there isn’t anything stuck inside the disposal. If so, always turn it off and unplug from the outlet before attempting to remove the objective.
  • If all else fails, plunge the disposal.

Luckily for homeowners, unclogging a drain doesn’t frequently require any additional help. It is usually an easy fix.