Update Your Home with New Flooring

Do you want to update your current home with fresh design choices? Are you getting ready to sell and looking for ways to improve the value? Did you just buy a home that needs some renovation? Installing new flooring can be a great project to improve the appearance and value of your home. The flooring is a large part of the aesthetic of any room, and the colour, design, and materials speak volumes about your décor and style preferences. Be sure your home looks the way you want by installing the flooring you prefer.

Consider Laminate

When you are thinking about what kind of flooring you want to install, you may want to consider laminate. If you’re thinking of the garish vinyl choices of decades past, you don’t have to worry. Today’s laminate flooring is nearly indistinguishable from real hardwood and offers many benefits. It a beautiful and budget friendly choice for any home.

The laminate of today is made of sturdy materials with beautiful wood or tile finishes. With a click-lock installation system, it’s easy to install and can last for many years without scratching or fading. Laminate is incredibly easy to clean, and resists staining. It’s also affordable. If you are looking for a beautiful, durable, and affordable flooring option, laminate is a great choice.

There are many design styles available for laminate. If you like the look of a traditional hardwood floor, you can find laminate with a natural wood finish. The colour and grains accurately recreate the look of oak, walnut, or even exotic woods such as hickory and acacia. If you prefer a more modern and sleek look, you can find a great selection of black laminate wood flooring. There are also tile finish options designed to look like travertine or marble. A tile finish is especially popular for areas such as bathrooms and laundry spaces.

Getting the Best Flooring

There are many places to find flooring, but it’s important to find a retailer that offers both a wide selection and affordable prices. While some department or home improvement stores have sections dedicated to flooring, you will usually find more choices in a dedicated flooring retail location. These large flooring warehouses carry hundreds of choices of style, material, and brand so you are sure to find the look that will suit your home best.

When you are deciding on flooring, one of the best things to do is to get a sample to take home. While you may be able to narrow down your choices in the flooring store to a few favourites, it’s important to see those choices in your own home. You need to see how the flooring looks in your lighting, next to your furniture and décor. Taking a few samples home is the best way to decide which flooring choice will fit you home and style preferences. Once you’ve chosen your new flooring, you can have it installed by professionals, or take on the job yourself.

Property adverts that include a professional floor plan attract more clicks

Research from Rightmove suggests that properties that include a professional floor plan attract an increased click-through rate of 52% more than those that don’t. The humble floor plan, once restricted to those selling large homes or new buildings, is gaining recognition for being a very powerful sales tool and is now becoming a standard for sales and lettings of all types of properties. But what is so special about a floor plan?

No-Nonsense Viewing

A floor plan lets a potential buyer get a feel for the layout of the property without having to go and view it. Stripped of all the seller’s furnishings and finishing touches that might attract buyers for the wrong reasons, it provides basic information about size and where each room is in relation to the others, and so helps to indicate whether it would suit the buyer’s lifestyle. For example, is there a door between the lounge and the dining room, or do you have to go via the hallway? How far away is the bathroom from each of the bedrooms? Is there a downstairs cloakroom, and if not, is there scope to put one in? How big are the bedrooms? A floor plan complements all the other sales tools, such as photographs and textual descriptions, and so helps filter out unnecessary property viewings – an important factor in today’s busy property market.

Future Planning

Floor plans are an excellent tool for helping a buyer to visualise and remember specific aspects of properties they have viewed. Not only do they help in deciding on a property, but they can assist in visualising potential changes, from a furniture layout to a new kitchen or bathroom, or even extensions and structural alterations. These days, floor planning software comes in a variety of packages that range between basic 2D plans to interactive suites, where users can add or change rooms, drag and drop furniture and fixtures and then take a virtual tour through their prospective new home.

When viewing a property, it can be easy to overlook specific areas because they’re not easily accessible, or to not get a true feel for the shape and size of a room because of the way it is furnished. A floor plan can give a clearer idea of storage areas, such as fitted wardrobes or cupboards or understairs storage. It can show how every area can be best utilised and can even add to the overall value of the property.

Easier for Everyone

Not only are floor plans ideal for selling properties, but they’re useful for other reasons. It’s the law throughout Europe for buildings to have an energy-efficiency assessment as part of the selling or letting process. Domestic Energy Assessors and estate agents are starting to streamline the process by sharing the same floor plans both for assessments and for selling. With the range and flexibility of software now available, it’s not unreasonable to think that in the near future no home-selling package will ever be without a proper floor plan.