How to Buy a Rattan Garden Furniture


Rattans are extensively used for making furniture and baskets. When cut into sections, rattan can be used as wood to make furniture. Rattan accepts paints and stains like many other kinds of wood, so it is available in many colours; and it can be worked into many styles. Moreover, the inner core can be separated and worked into wicker.

Natural rattan is without doubt one of the most popular materials used in furniture making today. It is an extremely pliable material, so its ideal for forming furniture pieces for the home and garden.

It is incredibly strong, has been utilised to make furniture for centuries, it will not splinter, and has excellent durability that can withstand even the most challenging weather conditions.

Taking into account all these benefits, you might ask yourself why we have seen an influx of synthetic rattan garden furniture on sale in the UK in recent years?

Consumers are now asking themselves if they should purchase natural or synthetic rattan furniture for the garden or conservatory? There’s no obvious weakness to natural rattan, so why is there a need for a synthetic version?

Well the primary reason is cost. Rattan style garden furniture is continuously growing in popularity and manufacturers wanted to achieve the distinctive timeless look and feel of natural rattan at a fraction of the cost.Rattan is a popular material for outdoor furniture due to its unique aesthetic appeal, ease of maintenance and high level of comfort it offers. It is available in a wealth of styles and designs and can be made either from natural or synthetic rattan. They look almost identical, however, there are a few important differences between the two materials.

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Where does Rattan come from?

The use of Rattan to make garden furniture has a long and illustrious history, possibly dating right back all the way to the early yawns and stretches of the human species itself. There is evidence of Rattan furniture being a popular choice for stylish members of the ancient Egyptians, although it is in Asia (especially Japan, China, Indonesia and Malaysia) where the material has the richest history of exploitation, trade and manufacture.

Rattan furniture first became a mass-produced product in the United States in the 1800s where there was money to be made in selling the pieces to Victorian England. Later still, the material became a favourite of the proponents of the Modernists and Art Deco movements.

The popularity of Rattan furniture soon began to drive the price of the raw materials up so manufacturers looked to create a synthetic substitute that retained the look, feel and lightweight nature of Rattan, but was more durable.