Checklist Before Moving to Your New Condo

Canadian real estate developer Louie Santaguida was right when he said that condominiums are a more viable option than houses, especially if you are on a budget. Housing costs are at its highest nowadays, after all. Living in a condo also provides great convenience, since they are usually located in the city, often just walking distance to offices and commercial areas.

But before moving into your new condo, there are several things you might want to take note of in order to make your moving day as easy as it can be. Below is a guide that you can use to write your own checklist. Remember, though, that this is just a guide and you can of course add items that you want to make sure you get out of the way before moving:

  • Hire professional and reputable movers. But first, ask for price estimates and check the limits of the insurance. Different moving companies offer different rates.
  • Have your property insurance transferred to your new condo.
  • Call your utility companies to arrange for disconnection at the home you are moving out from.
  • Get a new phone number for your new home or transfer the line.
  • Let your post office know that you are moving so they know where to forward mails and other deliveries in the future. You can even do this online.
  • Let your family members, friends, co-workers and bosses know of changes in your address and contact details.
  • Clean your new condo unit or contact a cleaning company to do it.
  • Confirm delivery details and dates with the moving company you chose to go with.
  • If you are moving out of your current city, pick up the laundry, dry cleaning, prescriptions, etc.
  • Finish packing all of your things. Pack them in boxes and mark the boxes accordingly.
  • Put important documents such as birth certificates, passports, and financial records in a bag or a box with a lock that you will carry yourself.
  • Pack your basic bathroom supplies in the same box and mark them so that you know which box to open first before unpacking everything else.
  • Make sure that the movers understand all of your instructions, and that the boxes are placed carefully inside your new home.
  • Book the service elevator for your move so you don’t inconvenience other residents.
  • Make sure to arrive first at your condo before the movers so that you can directly supervise the move.
  • Check all the boxes to make sure you have taken everything you need and there is nothing left behind.
  • Check your things to see if there are any damaged items.
  • Make sure all utilities are working properly.
  • Set up your basic supplies like your mattresses, pillows, and sheets, towels and other bathroom supplies.





The Many Benefits of Mixing Concrete on Site

21Many feel it is not safe to mix your concrete on site. However, the truth remains that mixing concrete on site has loads of benefits that makes it even better than RMC. Never be carried away by theories of the innumerable disadvantages associated with this method of making concrete. You only need to take a deeper look and you will discover the innumerable benefits of mixing concrete on site.

 All the raw materials required for the concrete mixing are brought to the site for all to see. Therefore, there is nothing hidden whatsoever during the mixing process. This on its own makes this process one of the best for anyone interested in properly monitoring his/her construction projects. Mixing concrete on site enables you to properly assess the quality and weigh the quantity of each of the items used before such items are used. You will be able to assess the amount of water, cement, stone and sand being used for making the concrete before the raw materials are added together.

Many of the outlets involved in construction works ensure each of these raw materials are conveyed down to the construction site using separate compartments. Consequently, mixing concrete on site can start right from the beginning while you look on and assess exactly how everything is done.


Many of the outlets providing this service have now improved on service delivery. They make sure concrete mix on site trucks are used at the construction site and this quickens the rate at which the concrete mixing is done. Therefore, the theories of delay being propagated against this concrete mixing process are never substantial.

These days, the water, rock, sand and cement used in the construction process are all rationed to meet the exact need of the engineer. In addition, concrete mix on site trucks are fitted with mobile batching plant and this makes the job even faster than ever before.

The concrete mixing process can be done to meet with your exact expectation and it can start according to your schedule. Use of large mixers can cost you more; this is never the case when you mix the concrete on site using concrete mix on site trucks. This process is equally more cost effective than any other. Additionally, amount of fuel used is less.

Mixing the concrete on site makes your extensions houses constructions even more economical; since you will never have to waste any of the concrete-making materials. The process is environmentally friendly. Air pollution is highly reduced, same for noise pollution.

Easy cleanup is one of the many factors that make on site mixing of concrete better. Since quantity of raw materials used per mixing is small, the cleanup is therefore easier. You only have to drive away the truck once the job is done. You will never have to bother about how to dispose of left over concrete or how to clean the mixer. Consequently, the extensions houses construction can be done without much exertion. The slump control benefit of this method is also one of the benefits that make it better than many others.


Garage Door Repair Calgary: DIY or Professional Help

Be it the installation or repair of your garage door, every homeowner needs to make an important choice – do you do it yourself or call a professional? You need to understand every detail before you make any decision in this regard.

How much would it cost? When it comes to the cost of the products and installation as well as garage door repair Calgary, prices often vary considerably. The choice of materials, dimensions, features, and functionalities affect the final cost involved.


Do you need to install a door opener? If you choose a basic steel panel door, you may only need a garage door torsion spring system to open and close it manually. But for a custom made heavier door, you need to set up a garage door opener.

According to the experts at Sprint Garage Doors, it is best to choose a good quality garage door and door opener as well as opt for professional installation and repair services to ensure that your investment works to your advantage.

Can you do it on your own? Yes; but there are a number of steps involved and you need to take care to do it well. Every garage door comes with instructions for installation or repair. You need to follow these to the last detail.

The first step is to attach the seal to the base of the first panel. Next, you need to set the panel in the cavity so as to ensure that it is at the same level. To keep it in place, insert a few nails on the sides of the jamb.

Make sure you use only lag screws and not nails for the garage door. With these into the solid frame member, you can bolt the track hangars at the right place. Then place the next panel and fix with the hardware provided.

Continue until the entire door is in its place. Next, you need to assemble the garage door opener. Be it screw-driven, chain-driven, or belt-driven; make sure you do the adjustments appropriately to enhance efficiency.

Which mistakes should you avoid? Failure to plan often accentuates a problem. Obstructions to the installation and repair of the garage doors need to be addressed before you begin. Also, omission of the steel stiffener or off-center mechanism installation may mean trouble.

Why is it best to get professional help? Whether it is garage door installation for a new construction or repair for a renovation project, you may face serious injury if the spring assemblies are not handled properly.

If you are absolutely certain that you can handle the task and have previous experience, you can opt for the DIY approach. Otherwise, it would be best to contact an expert to handle the task with ease and efficiency.

The Unexpectedly Easy Ways of Adding Light to a Dark Home

Living in a dark home can be quite depressing at times, as the lack of natural light takes away some of the joy of living here. Thankfully, there are some unexpectedly easy ways of adding more light and making it a fun place to live again.

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If you have been wondering how to make your home brighter and lighter then check out these easy tips before you even think about making any major changes to the structure.

Use Light Coloured Paint

You might not realise how big an effect the colour of paint on your walls makes until you change it. Even if the walls don’t look particularly dark right now they may still absorb much of the light in the house.

On the other hand, light coloured walls will reflect the light well and make the whole place look brighter into the bargain. It should also have the added benefit of making the house appear to be bigger and more spacious at the same time.

If the whole house is currently dark then painting just one room in a lighter colour can be enough to show you how much of a difference this change can make. After this you will probably want to paint the whole house in this way.

Hang More Mirrors

Have you ever considered the use of a few mirrors to add some valuable extra light in the house? It may sound almost too simple to be true but you will be amazed at the dramatic effect that it makes.

The most important thing to do here is to find the perfect place to hang them in order to reflect as much light as possible. This could be in the hall, across from a window or anywhere that makes a big difference to the quality of light.

In addition, it makes sense to choose mirrors with light frames rather than dark and heavy frames that could take away some of the benefit of the mirror. Once you choose a few mirrors you should take some time trying them out in different parts of the house before settling on the final location to hang them in.

Use Glass Internal Doors

The internal doors in your house may be doing some damage in terms of blocking the sunlight getting into the different rooms. This is especially true if you have a long, narrow hall where the light all seems to end.

By simply using internal doors with glass panes in them you can help the light to reach more of the rooms in the house. It is a very simple change to make but it could turn out to be highly effective as well.

This will also open up a dark hall and make it more welcoming to walk into. Another good idea along these lines is to use sliding doors that you can leave open most of the time to let even more light come flooding in to the rooms.

Add Wooden or Vinyl Flooring

Dark and heavy carpets can also kill a lot of the light in your home if you aren’t careful about it. This is the same sort of idea as the problem with dark walls that was mentioned earlier and the solution is just as easy.

In this case, a good solution is to look for a vinyl or flooring supplies in Chester or wherever you live. This type of flooring is excellent at reflecting and light and making the place seem more spacious.

This will give you a more stylish look at home while also helping to make the very most of the light that comes shining in to it. Try looking for a local supplier of Karndean flooring to choose from a big range of great flooring options.

Don’t Block the Windows or Doors

Perhaps the simplest change of all is that of moving away any furniture that is blocking sunlight from getting in through the windows or doors. This is the kind of problem that you might not even notice if the light has been getting blocked in this way for months or even years.

A re-arranging of the furniture could be all that you need to do in order to fill your home with light once again. You just need to be careful about how you place everything to make the very most of the light than comes streaming in.

By following a few of these steps you may very well discover that it is possible to live in a house that is filled  with light without making any major alterations.

Give Your Residence the Improvement It Requires

Providing your home with the exact look you want can take time, energy, not to mention a sizable amount of money.

Even though it can be a challenge at times, there are ways to go about it without rendering yourself broke.

For those not overly worried about their bank accounts, they still want to make sure they get the look at home they want.

That said will you take the time and effort to give you’re residence the improvement it requires?

Make Home Improvements for Years to Come

Whether or not you plan to stay in your current residence for the foreseeable future will oftentimes dictate as to how much time and money you invest in home improvements.

For example, someone who is thinking about moving the remainder of this year or in 2017 may not be as apt to want to sink lots of funds into improvements. On the other hand, they may believe it is worthwhile in that it will give them a higher asking price for the home.

Either way you look at it, doing home improvements is something you will typically have to confront at one point or another as a homeowner.

Where you make those improvements that can end up being one of the more difficult things to decide.

Some areas (and how to improve them) include:

  • Kitchen – One of the focal points of any home, the kitchen typically offers up myriad of opportunities to change things around. Whether it is the flooring, walls, cabinetry, appliances, you have much to think about. Should you add some decorative ceramic and pewter bowls to the kitchen? How about some of the finest wine glasses for cabinets that have see-through glass on them? You could also consider some expensive plates etc. in those same kinds of cabinets. While you will obviously need dishware to eat off of, having some simply for display purposes can give your kitchen a rich look to it. Whether you select Weston Table or another such provider of fine kitchenware, shop around to see what might look best in your busy kitchen;
  • Dining room – Some homeowners love to dress up their dining rooms, others prefer to keep them relatively simple. No matter which way you lean, think about how often you will be using this portion of the residence. Once again, having some fine dining ware on display in the dining room doesn’t mean you treat the room like a museum. You can have a cabinet or hutch to hold some of your finer pewter, ceramic, and crystal items etc. These items can include plates, glasses, serving bowls, dinner bells and much more. If you live in a Victorian home, accentuating the past and still maintaining some modern conveniences can be the perfect match;
  • Living room – Given this room oftentimes gets some of the most activity on a daily basis, you want to make it as comfortable as possible. You can still have a rather exquisite look with fine furnishings (large sofa, recliner, chairs, entertainment center, fireplace etc.) and still make it comfy. Items such as paintings, quilts, vintage pitchers, vases, baskets and more can decorate this part of the home.

In giving your residence the improvement it requires to either keep you happy or set you up for a higher asking price should you put it on the market, remember to decorate with a plan in mind.

Unfortunately, some homes look like a hodgepodge of this and that when you walk around them.

In order to decorate (and improve) your home with a consistent look, don’t rush into such improvements. The worst thing you can do is try and throw something together just for the sake of changing the look.

If you feel like your decorating tastes aren’t going to get the job done, consider hiring an interior decorator.

He or she can bring with them years of experience, giving you a variety of ideas to sleep on.

In the end, your home is essentially your palace, so make it one that you enjoy coming home to day after day.

Even if your plans are to sell it sooner rather than later you will have a home ready to do its thing on the real estate market.


How To Choose Home Security Service Providers

This is a pretty interesting topic. A few years ago the number of choices that were available for you was pretty low. There were simply not many different opportunities available on the market. You normally had to work with just one company that serviced the entire neighborhood. As time passed new options appeared. Some are incredibly great, like what Guardian Protection Products offers. In order to make a great choice at the end of the day, you need to think about the following facts.

Past Security Track Record

This is by far the most important thing to consider when you choose any service provider. Since we are talking about the security of your loved ones, this is even more important than normal. Try to learn all that you can about the work that was done in the past by the service provider. In the event that you see many complaints that were written by past clients, you can be sure that problems are going to appear. Complaints are a sign that the company should be avoided. Do focus on the work that is offered by companies that have a completely spotless reputation.

Your Available Budget

Most of the home security service providers have some available packages you can choose from. While it is quite obvious that some sort of negotiations will be possible, this does not mean that complete freedom will be available. Based on the specialization of the security system providers, some available choices can be pricey and you cannot afford them. The available budget is what will count as you can quickly remove the expensive firms from your list.

Since we are talking about money, do be sure that you compare prices. The goal is always to receive the most possible quality for the money you are about to pay. You cannot be sure that your budget is properly maximized if you do not compare with similar prices offered by other companies.

Organize Meetings With The Security Company

Instead of simply choosing the very first of the companies you find, how about simply organizing meetings with the top companies you found during your research? This is really helpful since you get to see who you deal with. In many cases the security companies will involve people that are truly professionals. If you do not see something like this, it is better to consider another company. Professionalism is what helps the most in this industry. You simply should never hire anyone that is not professional.


As you can easily figure out, the really important thing at the end of the day is being sure that you are going to receive high quality services at prices that are as affordable as possible. Never choose a firm that you know nothing about. Do be sure that information is the basis of your final decision. Patience is what helps out a lot in choosing the best home security service providers. Do read reviews and be sure that you never choose in the heat of the moment.

Wireless Home Security Systems – Technology to Enhance Your Security to a New Level

Homes can be vulnerable to theft or robbery when you are not in your house. Thus, to secure your houses, you need to have some kind of security system especially when you have children or elders in your house. This is where the wireless home security systems come in handy.

Types of home security systems

There are two choices available in the market, wired and wireless security systems for home.

  • The former enjoys the benefit of being cheaper and no requirement of batteries. It is advisable to use it if one is not looking to shift to a new place.
  • The latter is effective in case one is looking to shift as it is portable, quick to install and can be self-installed.

Wireless home security systems – why are they best?

Wireless security systems for home offer a better advantage than traditional protection systems because they are hassle free and with time have become quite affordable, In addition to that, they offer following advantages

  • Wireless access to home

Depending on the provider a user can link the cameras present in his/her home with his/her smartphone and monitor the home environment remotely. It is also useful in cases, where children or old parents need 24×7 monitoring.

  • Lower rates of crime

Wireless security systems are able to provide a better secure environment in the neighbourhood. It was found in a 2010 study by Rutgers University that the number of incidents of theft and robbery related incidents lowered to a great extent in the areas with growing usage of security systems, be it poor or wealthy neighbourhoods.

Besides these, there is an obvious advantage with these security systems of being the protectors of your valuables. People have many valuable items in their possessions, be it expensive jewellery, artefact or ancestral item passed down for generations. No one would like to lose on things as precious as these. Thus, it is a smart choice to install the best wireless home security system.

  • No drilling holes

The wireless systems do not require holes in the walls for wiring, making it an effective option for renters and buildings with some historical or cultural significance.

How to find the best wireless security system?

Finding the best security system is not an easy task. There are many providers in the market clamoring for their products being the best in the field. Firstly, note down your requirements and select few models based on the requirements and budget. Then read customers’ review before buying a particular product.

You can find products both online and in the local market. It is advised you purchase online to get a better discount without putting any effort to visit the near market.

If you are looking for affordable and efficient security systems, then you should take a look at Padfender. It is the pioneer in home security business. This provider has been on the forefront of consumer security without compromising on the quality aspect.

Metal or Wood Storage Shed – The Big Debate

Most of us have more to store than to use; sounds fine till you are faced with not having enough space to do so. We are mostly confused with whether to discard things we don’t have space to store or find an alternative spacious solution. Thankfully, more and more people are switching to using their unoccupied space (both indoors and outdoors) to build storage sheds. People opting for storage in a shed are mostly confronted with one major decision—metal or wood? Yes, that’s the question which leaves them mindlessly searching from answers; although, the debate can be confusing but it’s not that hard to decide between the two if you know all about their good, bad and ugly.

So, if you’ve still to decide whether to go for a metal storage shed or to go for one that’s made out of wood then the following will help you to go for either a metal or wood storage shed:

Elements to consider:

  1. Money Matters:

Whenever we buy something, money is what matters the most. So even when building or buying a shed cost should be considered as an element of interest. A wooden shed usually costs more compared to its metal component and this is because of the price of lumber.

  1. Maintain and repair:

Because a wooden storage shed gets treated in order to resist decay, insects and rot, there’s little to no maintenance needed. Meanwhile, most of the ones made out of metal don’t need much maintenance initially, but overtime, rust develops and could weaken them. A metal shed would then require repainting or even restoration. That’s a lot of work even after you have the shed, so be wise to choose what’s right.

  1. Is it easy to install?

When it comes to installation what most people look for is ease and that’s exactly how it should be. What good would be a shed if it requires a lot of effort, time, and energy and still looks like its incomplete? A metal shed is easier to be installed, at times. Often they’ll only require the use of your hammer, level, pliers, screwdriver, and wrench. However, when building a wooden shed, you’d need a hammer, some nails, a level and maybe even a circular saw. While there are wooden sheds that have been primed, you’re responsible for painting yours. On the flip side, many storage sheds already come painted you can read all about it here.

  1. Aesthetically pleasing:

You may get a shed but is it something that looks pleasant too or is it just a wooden or metal box? If latter’s your case then you sure have missed the point. With various styles for your perusal, wooden sheds provide not just variety but also good looks to your backyard. Metal sheds are generally square-shaped and are a bit boxy. Furthermore, wood shed designs allow for more headroom inside, letting you feel more comfy as you move about.

  1. How long can it hold?

In case you’re looking for a small shed that you only intend to store some items in then a metal shed is right up your alley. However, a bigger shed requires more time for construction. A wooden shed gets built with treated lumber and could thus more easily hold a heavy snow load. A metal shed’s roof can’t hold that much weight and, as a result, you’re placing your investment at risk for collapsing. On the other spectrum, a wood shed could easily withstand inclement weather because of its heavy weight coupled with its strong construction.

  1. Will it be safe to store?

You did spend what you’ve worked hard for in order to have a shed that can protect whatever items you have in there. Accordingly, security is vital. A metal shed can be an easy target for vandals. A hard kick or a hammer swing can easily dent or even wreck its metal doors. To break wood sheds, said vandals would need to have a heavy duty saw in tow.

  1. The power of resistance?

A metal shed could be damaged by either a fast moving object such as a thrown rock or by hail. Some small dents could be hammered out for your metal shed to make it look like it’s new. If you’re planning on doing some work near, having a wooden shed will be ideal since wood withstands most types of impact.

It is clear that there are benefits to both wood and metal storage buildings. The material of your shed should be determined based on your personal preference and your budget. If you are still on the fence about whether or not metal is the best choice for you, reading steel building reviews can give you a better idea of what you can expect from choosing metal as the material for your storage shed.

Here is Why You Should Buy Property in Costa Rica

Investing in overseas real estate properties is a great way to diversify your investment portfolio. Of course, owning property in a foreign destination is quite exciting. Not only will you be able to make good money out of it, but you will get the opportunity to use it as your occasional holiday home as well. However, if you want your investment to be a successful one, you need to pick the right place. Choosing a location that is currently facing civil unrest or economic instability is not a great idea. As you may already know, the key to a successful real estate investment is location, location, location. In this case, you cannot look for a better place than Costa Rica. Here are some reasons as to why you should choose this destination over others.

Tax Incentives

This is one of the main reasons why many realtors are interested in investing in this destination. The Costa Rican government has created a highly appealing investment environment for interested realtors. When compared to other Latin American Countries, Costa Rica has the most attractive offers on the market.  The Costa Rican government charges a 0% capital gains tax on realtors. The 0.25% property tax seems quite generous when compared to the percentages offered by other countries in the area. There are not many places in Latin America where you can buy good property with high appreciation potential and low holding costs.

Healthy Local Economy

The economy of the destination should not only be profitable for you, but it should be advantageous for your clients as well. No tourist would want to stay at a villa or bungalow that is situated in a place with a high cost of living. In this case, Costa Rica is truly a jackpot since both the realtor and the customer will be able to benefit financially.

Excellent Lending Market

Costa Rica not only offers incredible real estate opportunities, but it also encourages and supports people who are interested in their market. Although there was no market for lending in the destination prior to 2006, the last decade has seen a sudden surge of lenders, both government and private. A REIT is a great way to fund your property without investing a great deal of money. All you need to do is find a reliable real estate investment trust in the destination. Even if you are hoping to fund REIT alternatives such as becoming a silent partner in a Costa Rican small business, do know that you can still use the help of these lenders.

No Ownership Restrictions

When investing in foreign land, most realtors fret about the legal complications. You need not worry about any such issue when investing in Costa Rica. The local government encourages realtors and therefore enforces no restrictions whatsoever on foreign ownership. When it comes to real estate ownership, all foreign investors get to enjoy the same rights and privileges as the locals. This makes the destination a truly profitable one.

Moreover, Costa Rica also has an exotic climate, high quality of life, and breathtaking sceneries, which will all be of great advantage to your real estate business.

Buying Curtains and Draperies: What You Need to Know

Curtains and drapes are fast going out of fashion as homeowners replace them with modern blinds and window shutters. Curtains require a lot of maintenance, since they need to be dry cleaned after every few months. The thicker fabric of the curtain traps dust very quickly, and it won’t be long before the colour starts to become dull. If you stain the curtains, you will need to send it them for a thorough dry cleaning. However, if you have blinds or shutters, all you need to do is take a wet rag and wipe them clean. But many homeowners in the UK still prefer to stick with curtains and drapes.

The classic, rustic approach of curtains gives your room a unique sense of elegance. Curtains are available in various different colours, patterns and designs. You can also have curtains made with a custom design; many drapery shops give the option of printing high-res images on the curtain fabric for a premium. However, if you are in the market for new curtains, you need to consider several important factors. If your curtains are hung via railing clips, your options will be limited to buying drapes that have curved hooks that will be inserted in the railing clips.

Newer designs are generally suspended on curtain poles. Modern metal curtain poles are available in several different sizes, depending upon the length of your railing. The metal poles are secured on either end with a curved ball or a stylish ring. You can change the decorative ornament on either end depending on your preferences.

Choice of Metal

The curtain poles are made from various different metals. The most affordable options are chrome, steel and silver. However, chrome attracts rust very quickly, and it won’t be long before it will lose its shiny appearance. Chrome poles need to be polished regularly if you want to maintain the aesthetic appeal. Even though stainless steel doesn’t corrode, it will start losing its sheen after a while. If you don’t prefer the metallic silver, you can also opt for brass and gold plated curtain poles. Other popular metals include graphite, nickel and bronze. Painted curtain poles with special effects are also available. Obviously, the prices of curtain poles vary depending upon the type of metal and the finish.

Online Ordering

There are many companies that have now begun selling curtain poles and drapes directly online. You can easily browse hundreds of different patterns, finishes and designs. However, before placing an order for curtains and drapes online, you should first contact the company and ask about the quality of fabric used. Most companies provide a seven-day money back guarantee, and also offer free shipping. Prices on online products are also considerably lower, so you might be able to save a good amount of money on your next purchase as well. Placing an order online is a good option for people who are pressed for time and don’t want to spend a lot of money on buying new drapes.