7 Reasons Why Pune Is the Best City to Live in India

Pune, the Queen of Deccan, and one of the fast developing cities of Maharashtra, has developed a lot in the past years. A few years ago Pune wasn’t the first choice city to move in and settle down but now with the sprawling population, the affordable spacious residential areas, the upcoming malls and the ever glorious educational institutions make Pune of the prime cities of India.

hdfc punePune is definitely the best city to live in, and here’s why-

  1. Cheaper and spacious homes

Compared to the metro cities of India, Pune boasts a large number of spacious homes. In fact, a 1 BHK flat in Pune would cost almost half the price when compared to Mumbai. The money you put in Mumbai to buy a 2BHK, with the same money you can buy an entire building in Pune. Not to forget the many amenities provided by the builders.


  1. The Oxford of India

Pune has a huge range of renowned educational institutions which are listed among the best schools and colleges of India. A lot many literary greats of the past like Gopalkrishna Gokhle were from Pune.


  1. The flourishing IT Hub

After Bangalore, Pune is where IT people would want to go. The IT Hub in Pune is flourishing and is one of main reasons for attracting even the commercial industries out there. And because of all these reasons it is now being called as the Second Silicon Valley of India.


  1. Very close knit

Pune is a very small city. In 1-1.5 hours you can commute from one end of the city to the other. This saves a lot of time and transportation is therefore not much of a problem, which you will in all the metro cities of India.


  1. A treat for travellers

Pune is located in close proximities with forts and hill stations and beaches too! And if you are a traveller, Pune is the most ideal location for you to stay. Most of these amazing locations are only 2 or 3 hours away from the city. The forts, are just great to visit as it speak volumes about our history, the conquests and failures, the war and a lot more. The hill stations near Pune, namely Mahabaleshwar, Lonavala, Panchgani, Matheran are simply beautiful.


  1. A clean city

A big thanks to the Pune Municipal Corporation, they are doing a wonderful job in keeping the city spike and span. The roads are maintained so well, the PMC employees are really putting it a lot into it.


  1. Eat streets

‘Eat streets’ weren’t that popular in Pune earlier but now they are gaining a lot of popularity. The Misal Pav, Vada Pav, Bhaji Pav and all other typical Maharastrian fast food is available here. You just cannot stop yourself from dwelling into it.


If you are looking out for 1 BHK flat in Pune, you are surely going to find many spacious ones fitting within your budget and giving you all the freedom that you want.

Why Renting is Better than Buying in Panchkula?

The city of Panchkula in Haryana is a part of the Tricity that is formed by Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula. The city is one of the major hubs of residential properties bearing in mind that there is not a lot of scope of development in Chandigarh, and Panchkula is one of the most prominent cities in the country that has recently come up as a major hub of property development. The city is relatively new in development and is also an emerging centre of commercial development as well. For the past half a decade, the country has been suffering from an economic recession that witnessed its pinnacle in the year 2013. The situation started improving in the year 2014 and after the installation of the new central government, the market sentiments improved considerably. As a result, the demand for housing started increasing everywhere. It also did so in Panchkula as well and considering the promise the city presents, some of the biggest builders in the industry have invested in property development in the area. With the increased economic activity in the city, there is also a high demand for houses and room for rent in Panchkula.


Why is renting in Panchkula better than buying?

The city of Panchkula comprises of independent houses of the kind that cannot be built in the city of Chandigarh readily. These houses are priced at a premium and therefore are considered to be out of reach of most buyers. The property business in the city has emerged as one of the most prominent new options and in the light of the new economic development that is taking place, the property seekers in the city can save a lot of money when they rent properties instead of purchasing them. The overall growth of housing in Panchkula has emerged as one of the most prominent options for new investment but the quantum of money involved here is considerably high for someone new to the city.

It is also the matter of the new economic development and better opportunities that have presented themselves which have led to the growth of employment opportunities in the region. All those who arrive in the city can find plenty of options for houses or room for rent in Panchkula. It is expected that the overall growth of the city would be high and the property business in the city has emerged as one of the most prominent new options in the region. The growth is considered to be sustainable and therefore this demand is only going to grow in the times to come.

How to search for the best houses in Panchkula?

Property portal housing.com has emerged as a prominent new resource for searching houses in Panchkula. The portal now allows end users to search for the best properties in the city with considerable ease. The portal allows the end users to search for houses in the localities of Panchkula. The overall growth of housing here has been captured effectively. Property seekers can view the location of the house or room for rent in Panchkula in a map and therefore are able to choose for properties according to locations.

In Conclusion

Property portal housing.com has emerged as one of the most prominent new housing search options in the city of Panchkula.

Things to Consider When Replacing Window and Door Glass

Window and door glass replacement is the most critical part of home maintenance. The exterior windows and doors are the portals to outer world, which allow the light and air to enter as much as needed. On the other hand, these actalso as a barrier for the unwanted intruders. Because ofthat, it is very important to keep doors and windows in good shape. Common types of window replacement and repairsarewindow glass replacement, chains and cords replacement, sash repair, joint repair, or sill repair. Door repair is not ascommon, but it mayinvolve door glass replacement or replacement of the door frame, knobs or handles, threshold, bolts, or hinges.

There can be multiple reasons for door or window glass replacement, but anytime work is done, itneeds to be done safely and properly. Here some simple tips toconsider for door and window glass replacement.

  • Combination of Two Windows

If your house consists of two large windows side by side, you can change the two windows into one with one large slider or a window with a triple slider. It will make your interior beautiful while providingpractical use.

You can also try replacing the windows with anew and fresh look, such as using a double-hung window or bay window. You can also install a large size bow window. Whatever replacement type you choose, make sure you will get the bestlight and air from your window; otherwise,the design may feel suffocating.

  • Color Variation

You should try various interior and exterior color options that match your home’s style. Manyhouseholds prefer adifferent color on the front side than onthe back side. Whatever color you use, maintain compatibility with your home’s color. You can also try for different colored glass. The glass color needs to be relevant to the window frame color. Your front room window color needs to be lightened, which will let in light easier, and the bedrooms need to be darker glass. For child’s room, you should use the headrest glass for doors and windows.

  • Privacy Option

Maintaining privacy is the main consideration for window and door glass replacement. There should be more privacy from bedroom and bathroom doors and windows. There are different types of glass forprivacy that both offer light and privacy. You can use privacy glass in other places where you need more privacy.

If you choose adouble-hung window, you can customize the window with obscure glass on the bottom sash, and you can use the regular glass on the top sash. This will maintain full privacy, along with a customize outlook at an affordable cost.

  • Use of Tilt

House owners should clean the window and door glass regularly; otherwise it quicklybecomes dirty and smeared. If you are tired with cleaning dusty drapes, you can customize your windows and sliding glass for cleaning convenience. You can utilize it only between the glass’s panes, so that you would able to go for the cleaning without hassle and get the glassclean easier.

There are many options for door and window glass replacement. Choose the option those suites your requirements regardingdesign, privacy, budget, etc. you also can consult window experts to find outmoreabout window and door glass replacement. Before replacing the glass, make sure the quality of the glass is good. These simple tips can help you to get started with your window and door glass replacement.


Bob Smithis a professional writer and blogger. The article is about things to consider when hiring the services of a glass replacement expert. She has gained extensive knowledge and expertise in this field from her work with Archer Glass for window and door glass replacement.



Construct Your Dream Home with Custom Home Builder

boutwellbuiltOne of the most important things in most people’s lives is their home. It is your castle, your pride and joy, somewhere to relax, raise children if you have them and feel completely safe and at ease. However, finding that dream house can be very difficult. The sort of home you are hoping to live in may well be out of your price range, or may be situated in an area that doesn’t fit your specifications. For instance, if you want to live near a city to be close to work, you may find that the house prices are out of reach – even if they’re relatively small and not suited to having kids or pets. If you want to live outside the city, you may find that the nicest houses are in a new village or town that does not have the character that you’re looking for. It can be an absolute nightmare to find exactly what you want. At least, if can be tough if you are only looking for pre-built houses. If you were to consider new home construction, however, you may find that you have plenty more options open and available to you.

If you are interested in having your new home being built for you, according to your specifications and your personal demands, then you will need to enlist the help of a custom home builder who can oversee the project and ensure that everything is done smoothly and safely for you. There are plenty of construction companies out there who offer their services to help you create your perfect home, and they all offer something a little bit different. However, they do all offer the most essential things, such as offering professional advice on the most basic necessities – load bearing walls, practicalities of space and size of rooms, raw materials and prices, for instance. They will sort out all the stuff that you would not even have considered, because that is their job, and they want to do it to the best of their abilities so that you get your dream house at the end of the project.

When building new homes it is important to bear in mind that there will need to be a lot of communication between you and the contractor you have employed to conduct the work. If you are going to get exactly what you designed you will need to meet regularly and frequently to discuss your vision and design as well as potential problems that might be caused by those designs. Any contractor worth their money will help you with all this, no problem, and will advise you about the best way to get around any potential issues that may have arisen during the project. It is, therefore, absolutely essential that you maintain a good relationship with those working on your property so that you can easily ask them questions and get advice from them. If you can find these sorts of contractors, then your house is sure to become a home very soon.

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