Why to Move to Pattaya, Thailand

Is it time for an exciting move or a new adventure in your life? Pattaya, Thailand offers many of the amenities Americans are accustomed, along with the rich history of the natives. Located along the eastern shore of Thailand, the beaches are sandy with blue water; it is the perfect place to unwind and relax. If you like a nightlife, Pattaya offers a variety of options such as the Walking Street.


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The Cost of Living

The cost of living in Pattaya is fairly cheap. This doesn’t just include housing costs. Food and beverages are cheap as well. You can easily find rental properties for $400 per month. If you are looking to buy, websites like www.pattayarealestate.com can offer single family homes and condominium in any price range. Houses can range from under $100,000 all the way up to over $500,000.


Pattaya’s location means traveling to other places for trips is fairly easy and cheap. Bangkok is a few hours away, and drivers frequently takes people there for just a few dollars. There are other cities nearby that will only require a short plane ride, such as Chiang Mai. It’s easy to get to other beaches or the small islands that dot the area. If you are looking for a jumping spot to travel, Pattaya is a great spot to lay your head in between ramblings.


If you are looking for quiet and more serene beach living, Jomtien Beach is only a 5 to 10 minute bus to Pattaya’s city center. It offers a different feel but still all the same amenities. The beaches in the area are beautiful; the water is an emerald green. There are plenty of beach activities such as water skis. Having such a gorgeous waterfront near your home will be a sure selling point.

Ease of Transportation

While you can have your own mode of transportation, Pattaya offers a few different options for people choosing not to have their own vehicle. Natives use baht-buses frequently, which are pick-up trucks that will pick up and drop off passengers for a very low fare. The fare can be as low as 30 cents per day.


Many people enjoy Pattaya’s weather climate. It tends to be very warm or hot throughout the entire year. The highest temperatures usually reach around 90 degrees Fahrenheit. It does have a monsoon season, which may concern some expats.

Tourists tend to flock to Pattaya between November and February. This is because there is little rain and the highs are around 85 and lows in the 70s. It’s great vacation weather. March to May offer the highest temperatures, reaching over 90 degrees. The humidity can be high, but the constant breeze from the sea helps to cool things down. June to October is the rainy season. It doesn’t rain all the time, but it has a higher chance. Tourists tend to stay away during this period; expats and locals enjoy a quieter city.

Local Culture

If you are interested in different cultures, Pattaya is a great place to learn about Thai culture and history. Until a few decades ago, Pattaya was just a small fishing village. Some of the local traditions, such as the Floating Market, are still there. This is an area that all can enjoy. Tourist enjoy seeing the Big Buddha. A lot of locals are Buddhists; if you are interested in other religions, there are open temples for worship.

There are plenty other reasons to move to Pattaya, including a bustling nightlife and variety of shopping experiences. Most people agree that Pattaya’s cost of living is one of the best reasons to make the jump. It will allow your budget to stretch open and enjoy more to life. It leaves more room to mingle down at the cheap beer bars on The Walking Street. Pattaya has something to offer to all people.

Why Owning a Condo in San Francisco is Great

If you are searching for a home in the San Francisco area, you will surely encounter the option to buy a condo instead of a single family home. While single family homes have great benefits, owning a condo has benefits that don’t come with a stand-alone house. You should consider the benefits; condo living might be the right choice for you!

Image Credits derwiki, CC0 1.0
Image Credits derwiki, CC0 1.0
  • Amenities

Condo communities tend to have amenities attached to living there. They are offered only to residents, and most single family homes won’t have all of them. Things such as:

  • Pools
  • Playgrounds
  • Dog parks
  • Fitness centers
  • Game nights or community activities
  • Outdoor entertaining space
  • Security

Living in a condo means you have extra security. Most offer a gated community with doormen and security professionals. This can be reassuring for families with young children or those who live alone. It is also beneficial for those emergencies that can happen. You will be living in close proximity to people; help will be close by.

  • Maintenance

This is one of the top benefits to living in a condo. If you prefer not to do maintenance work yourself, living in a condo means other people will do the work for you. There is no need for cutting the grass or trimming the hedges. They maintain all of the grounds as well as the amenities.

When emergency repairs are needed, they have professionals to call. If your furnace stops working, the condo will send a repair person to fix it. If you have a pipe burst under your kitchen sink, the condo attendants will call anemergency plumber San Francisco to take care of the issue. This benefit is huge for people of all ages.

For many first time homebuyers, the idea of keeping up with all of the maintenance of a house can be daunting. Many people have never dealt with the repairs and care of a home.

  • Affordable

In most cases, condos are priced cheaper than single family homes. This can be offset by the homeowner association fees. Your realtor can let you know more about the HOA fees. In general, the mortgage and fees will still be cheaper than buying a single family home.

  • Community Living

Many people love having a variety of people living in the same area. Condo owners live in a close proximity to each other. This offers social times more frequently. For families with children, this offers an opportunity for children to gain friends all living in the same community together.

The amount of neighbors will be based on the size of the condominium. Also, many developments offer planned social events throughout the year to continue to foster this community bond.

  • Better Location

Sometimes, living in a special area of town will be more expensive. This is especially true if your desired area is an out of reach luxury area. Opting for a condo will make living in these areas more affordable. They allow families to live the lifestyle that they desire without have high cost of a single family home. This is simply because of supply and demand. There is more supply of condos than the single family home.

  • Investment

Depending on the area of San Francisco, the condo can be an investment or used as a rental property in the future. As demand continues, the value of a condo will increase over time. If the area is very desirable, the price could dramatically change, and the owner can make a nice profit.

Condos can be rented out to those visiting the area. If you have selected a condo in a very desirable, touristy area of town, you can make plenty of extra profit with the option to rent.

common mistakes in the apartment moving

We all make mistakes occasionally. Sometimes they are easy to fix and forget. But sometimes it is quite difficult to do. For example, if you lost a lot of time and money, precious health and nerve cells, which are not restored. Such consequences are quite possible because of the common mistakes that beset us in the apartment moving.

But you’re lucky. You have a great chance to learn not on your own mistakes but on the other’s, thanks to the company “Virginia Movers” https://www.vamovers.com/, which is a real expert in any kind of relocation and is ready to help you avoid common mistakes that people most often make when organizing residential relocations.

  1. The moving company prices for apartment moving are too high, we’ll move on our own

Of course, you can count on a friendly help. But just consider the possible risks. Everyone may have good reasons not to come to you. But if you contact the removal company, there will not be any unpleasant surprises because you sign a contract with the firm. In order to save, you may not order a “turnkey” moving but select a few services.

  1. Prices in moving companies are different, but the result will be the same. Let’s choose the cheapest!

It is good to compare prices in different companies. Just do not be tempted by too cheap apartment moving because the salary of professionals cannot be too low. Choose the average prices, and pay attention to all the details of the contract. Then everything will go exactly as you expect.

  1. We’ll order apartment moving “turnkey” and do nothing ourselves!

Without your help the movers will put your stuff in boxes and sign something like this: “Clothing, top shelf of the cabinet in the living apartment” or “paper, on the computer desk” Or “clothes, on the back of the chair,” “Toys on the floor in the nursery.” You will see all this on the same places in the new house. If you want, for example, to sort clothes and lay down on one shelf, do it in the old apartment. But the main thing – do not forget that some things need to be carried yourself. In advance, make a list of things, and for half an hour before the arrival of loaders check if everything is in place. (http://www.unpakt.com/blog/things-you-should-always-move-yourself/  )

  1. Buying packaging materials means spend extra money. Let’s use the materials at hand

The main mistake is the wrong package. No wonder that manufacturers of home appliances carefully place foam and air bubble tape in boxes! It allows it to overcome the hard way from the factory to the store. It’s the same with cooking utensils – it should be definitely shifted with paper to fill the empty spaces in the box. But the company “Virginia Movers” can help! Book an apartment moving here https://plus.google.com/+VirginiaMoversAlexandria/posts and you do not need to look for packaging materials. Our employees will pack your property and carefully transport it where you want.

  1. Furniture dismantling is not necessary. Men are strong, they will manage

You need to disassemble the furniture not only to reduce its weight, but also to transport it without incident outside and plunge into the car. If you are unsure whether to dismantle one or another piece of furniture, please contact the experts – they can help with advice, and if necessary, carefully disassemble everything.