Why using 3D is important for your interior design

Visualizing your space realistically with 3D Conceptualizations

If you are looking into buying or renovating a retail space, then the odds are that you have a mental picture of how you intend the space to look upon finishing the purchase or the renovation. However, the problem that arises is that the picture within one’s mind may not be the realities of what the space can provide. And while 2D designs can present a level of detail on the space (such as in an illustrated interior design layout), there is a bit of realism which is lacking in such illustrations. At the same time, the investor cannot wait until the property is purchased or renovated and just hope for the best. 3D conceptualization is therefore needed in order to present the interior space and make the best decision for the property.

Virtual Renders

Virtual Reality and interactive renderings is one way in which the buyer of the property can see how the space will look from multiple angles. This also allows for the purchaser of the property to see various furniture layouts and the lighting of the room from multiple angles. Something as simple as a picture on the wall to something as complex as the placement of an open bar in an open concept floorplan can quickly be seen, assessed, and if needed corrected so that the interior space is best presented.

When using virtual rendering software such as 3D studio max, Maya, or Revit the availability to augment reality to a photorealistic level is obtainable. For those which are presenting interior design to potential buyers or renovations, it is essential. We determine first with our eyes and then we worry about the wallet.

3D Lowers costs

When you go to find a living room suite, the odds are that you will be presented with a showroom. The fact of the matter is that these rooms are strategically placed in order to present the best possible solution for a selected space. The goal is to make you think that the furniture will look the best in your living room, office, etc. Where the problem arises is that in many of these spaces (a) the showroom lacks walls giving the impression of that furniture being larger/smaller than it actually is (b) the room cannot calculate the lighting of the space (c) the furniture is independent from other rooms.

3D models can present layouts within the building without the need to purchase and then return. Specifically, a 3D model allows for the person to use furniture configurations and change out the furniture without the need to purchase and return the furniture. Additionally, extra renovations and considerations do not need to be done to accommodate the furniture. The furniture can be made to accent the space. Dependent upon the software which is used for the 3D conceptualization, a product cost sheet can be made of the elements within the scene from the lights to the Pokémon poster on the wall.

3D conceptualization can help you determine if you need to purchase

Realistically, your budget and your taste has a financial limit. Where you may want to renovate the interior space with all new furniture and accent pieces, it may not be realistic. If you are restrained to keeping your current décor and making it work within a new space, then a 3D conceptualization of the interior space may help you in determining whether or not you want to invest in the real estate property or not. If you find that your current décor can work and accent the intended purchase property, then you may want to move forward. However, if your 3D conceptualization continuously shows a layout which is not idealistic, you may want to look into a different property.

The bottom line

Looking upon the interior design of your property, you need to address it realistically. Idealistic themes and layouts need to be avoided. As such, you need to have a method in place which provides photorealistic designs, price estimations, lighting of the room, and the ability for you to change your mind in the process. 2D design cannot accomplish this. Purchasing based upon the advice of an expert interior designer may be an option, but at the same time you are putting yourself at the mercy of their decision making process. It is only with 3D conceptualization that you will be able to see the interior space of your purchase or renovation prior to investing capital in that property and make an informed decision about the final outcome without losing money in the process.