DIY Plumbing Tips: Four Simple Steps to Unblock Your Drain with a Drain Auger

Having clogged drains causes chaos in your home. After all, your home can hardly function when the drains aren’t clear. However, is it a smart idea to try to unclog your drains yourself? When is it time to give up these efforts and call in a plumber? Below are four ways to unclog your drain using an auger – or a snake, as it is often called. These steps will explain how to effectively use a drain snake so that a plumber may not be needed.


Push the End of the Snake into the Opening

Make sure the end of the snake is in the clogged opening, then turn the handle on the drum that has the coiled-up snake in it. The snake will begin to go down into the drain.

Keep Pushing!

Push the snake into the drain until you start to feel a little resistance. This is normal, and you may have to keep the pressure up until it turns the curve in the drain, which usually causes the snake to then slide easily until the clog is found.

Keep Rotating the Snake

Keep pushing and rotating the snake while it is in the drain. Keep doing this until it is no longer easy to do, which usually means that you have located the object causing the clog. If you lift the snake at this point, the object should be attached to it and therefore removed from the drain.

Run the Water at Full Force

After you have removed the object causing the blockage, run the water at full force for several minutes. At this point, the clog is usually at the end of the snake, or the water will flush the clog out.

What if This Doesn’t Work?

If these steps do not work, or if you are having any trouble with the steps, it is a good idea to purchase a high-quality drain unblocker from Plumbers 4 U or some other plumbing company. Some of the less expensive brands may not be as effective, so purchasing a more professional one just might do the job.

There are different types of snakes, with some even fitting on the end of an electric drill. However, all of them work the same basic way – by allowing you to get deep into the drain and reach the object that is causing the clog. The snake breaks up the object, allowing it to be flushed down the drain, or the snake picks up the object itself, so that you can pull the object out easily.


Good qualities to look out for in a professional plumber

One thing is paying for a service; another thing is getting the best of what you paid for. If you have the need of hiring a professional plumber, surely, the need to hire the best among the professionals will come up – someone who does what he knows to do very well, treats his or her employer with unreserved respects and at the end deserve a nice review.

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Below are some of the good qualities you will find in Sydney’s Plumbing Specialists and also the qualities you have to look out for in plumbers when you hire them – to know if you hired professionals or quacks.

  1. Value for your time

Professional plumbers have great value for their customers’ time; they always give estimated arrival time to their customers when contacted. When you hire a plumber and he tries to keep you updated on when he’s arriving and the current location he is – it’s a sure quality to prove to you that he has great value for your time.

  1. He respects your home

A professional plumber will always respect your home and thereby carry out his duties without going against your rules. He will definitely avoid bringing dirts to your home by removing his shoes before entering your house or wearing rubber boots and having plastic bootie underneath his boots before stepping on your carpet. Furthermore, a professional always cleans where he works to avoid creating inconveniences of tidying the house for his customer.

  1. Arrives to his work place with every necessary tool

When you hire a plumber and he arrives, starts work and in few minutes tries to excuse himself to get one tool or the other, that’s a sure sign to let you know that you’ve hired an unprofessional plumber. His choice of tools will is usually determined during his estimations on your project plus his experience. Most times, complications that may arise in carrying out his duty will warrant him to get the required tool(s), and it won’t take him ages to get the tool.

  1. The willingness to correct any arising problem

You and I know that nobody is above mistakes. Although mistakes are avoidable but when they occur, making corrections stand to be the only option. As a professional plumber, you should be ready and expect mistakes when carrying out your duties.

Even the most rated best plumber makes mistakes, but making corrections when one occurs should not be a problem him as a professional or specialist he is. As a professional plumber, once he notices the presence of a mistake in his work, he will willingly fix it or if it is included in the plan of his work; he will make proper explanations to his client. So, the next time you go out there to hire a plumber, ensure to hire one that will always be willing to correct his mistakes and make explanations to you if need be.

Your Property Deserves the Best Plumber

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