Save Money by Repairing Your Roof

Repairing your roof is essential for saving money and your home. Along with the foundation, the roof is paramount to your foundation’s structure.

What use is investing your hard-earned cash in a 19th-century inspired Victorian home with lush, elaborate décor that’d make you the talk of the town…

What if your roof collapses two, maybe three years into your home’s life-span?

Your roof has to endure the ongoing HARSH weather conditions. Hail storms. Rainfall on a mission. High winds. Pounds and pounds of snowfall. This means it’s the most vulnerable part of your home – and a prime target for Mother Earth’s fury.

Regular roofing just won’t do the trick against the odds. `High quality roofing is a job for professionals. Experts. People who are trained in what they do best. Here’s one group of roofing expert contractors I can think of that does roofing and roof repair.

The Benefits of Quality Roof Repair

Because roof repair helps keep moisture and water outside! Not inside. The roof’s rafters, its very nature, is susceptible to damage if moisture gets its “greedy little paws” on it.

Really, a roof’s like a car more than a neat addition to your home. It’s an investment. As with your car, future repairs to your roof farther down the line will be more expensive than the initial investment of getting your roof done right the first time.

Inspect Your Roof Once Every Year for Leaks/Damage

Can I ask you something? How long has it been since you’ve last inspected your roof? I haven’t checked mine in 3 years… Maybe that’s why the shingles scatter all over the yard on a windy day!

The longer you go without inspecting your roof, or hiring a qualified professional to inspect it… there’s probably a host of problems going on “underneath the hood.”

Your Roof Can “Live” Longer!

Repairing your roof correctly can add up to 15 extra years to your roof!

15 extra years of never worrying about the harsh weathers ruining your perfect slide of local paradise? For a little maintenance once a year? I don’t think there’s anything else to think about, do you?

Since heat rises, and heat is an essential thing to have during those “my face is dead” freezing winters… Having a strong, endurable roof to make sure your insulation does its life-saving job… It’s 1+1.

(Did you know the temperature only needs to be -11 Celsius, 12 Fahrenheit for the human body to start shutting down? Remember, 0 C is the freezing temp for water! That’s 32 F. That’s a serious impact during harsh, frozen-tundra winters.)

But the question still lurks… Just how much will quality, professional-grade roof repair cost? How much will a day’s work (or cost) set you back? Will it take one day, a week, a month?

High Quality Service Is a Good Price to Pay

The time and cost put into roof repairs, depends on the contractor. (This is just me, here, but doesn’t it seem like everything depends on who you go with? If you’re looking for good music, it depends on who you ask. If you want mouth-juicy food, depends on which joint you go to.)

On the level, top tier roof repairs (new installations, mold removals, roof cement sealant, vinyl stripping, etc.) for, let’s say… you’re repairing 10×10 sq. ft. of wood. Now, depending on the company… the costs of roof repair can taper off anywhere from $200… and skyrocket all the way to $1,000.

Y’know what? That seems scary – I know, I get it. Seems like a high number… and it is. $1,000 for roof repair?

You bet. You hear those stories all the time about roofs that caved in and damaged the entire household – or at least an incredibly expensive part of the house… and the family lost everything.

The home they envisioned spending the rest of their lives in, together.

You Never Know What’s Going to Happen

Gone. All of it. The $1,200 sectional couch. The missus’ boudoir. Decades of family treasuries and heirlooms in the transparent glass cabinet. The 40” Samsung TV that hugged the wall.

All of it – in one fell swoop, destroyed. Because the family didn’t want to put a grand down on their roof repairs now, or for the future. It’s not that they couldn’t afford the repairs – they could.

They had a good $10,000 in savings. But, of course, we all know that was hardly enough to cover the hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages.

Sometimes, if you want professional roof services done by experts, you have to bite the bullet. The roofs of our homes are more important than we realize.

5 Actionable Tips to Get Rid of Basement Flooding Issues

If your home happens to have a basement that gets flooded on occasion, then you know just how much of a headache that can lead to. However, with just a handful of tips, you could greatly reduce the risk of your basement flooding.

Here are 5 actionable tips to get rid of basement flooding issues:

  1. Cleaning and maintaining gutters and downspouts – Getting those gutters and downspouts properly cleaned and maintained is an important aspect in the overall maintenance of your home. In keeping the gutters debris-free and making sure that the downspouts are positioned away from your home’s foundation, the water from the rains and the storms get to freely flow and not form pools.

Downspouts direct water three feet away from the foundation, at least. To do this, downspout extensions are needed. Cleaning gutters and maintaining downspouts can be quite bothersome but it can be done rather simply and cheaply.

  1. Getting your yard landscaped properly – Your yard’s slope or your flowerbed’s shape could be contributing factors to your basement getting flooded. This especially happens if a yard’s slope directs water toward the home and this results in water pooling up around the properly, which then results in the water finding a way into your basement. Depending on the specific landscaping problem, you might need to have your lawn regarded or maybe even have one of those French drains installed.
  1. Inspecting and repairing foundation cracks – Foundation cracks could act as invitations for water to flow into your home, let alone your basement. To prevent it from happening, visually inspect your foundation’s exterior, basement walls and floors regularly. If you notice any cracks, use some epoxy to fill them up. If the leaks persist or if there’s a more pressing problem with the foundation, contact a professional.
  1. Practicing the proper maintenance of the sump pump – The failure of the sump pump is usually the case regarding basement floods. In case your home contains a sump pump, you have a great way in defending against mold, flooding and water damage. However, simply having one isn’t the only way to protect your home from these because you also need to maintain it.

In case there’s quite a storm headed your direction, be sure that the sump pump’s properly working and has been plugged in. Additionally, you can invest in a sump pump generator plus a replacement in case the power goes out.

Remember that if the basement gets flooded because of your sump pump breaking, your insurance might not cover whatever damage is incurred.

  1. Get the sewers inspected and septic systems cleaned – Have you asked yourself when was the last time your sewer system got inspected? Or that septic tank cleaned? Forgetting to have your sewer inspected and your septic tank cleaned is a guaranteed way to get your home wrecked in ways you never want since clogs, overflows and sewer backups could occur as a result of lacklustre maintenance.

Basement flooding issues should be a thing of the past. Apply these 5 actionable tips and lessen your headache with regard to home maintenance.


A Few More Details on the Roofing Jobs

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