Can Metal Buildings Withstand Earthquakes Better Than Concrete Buildings?

With the rising level of natural calamities, safety is a grave matter of concern. It is now increasingly important to make sure that we live in a safe environment, free of the fear of earthquakes and the likes. However, such a luxury is quite difficult to come across. So far, there have been cases reported about buildings being absorbed by the earth during those quaking hours. There is nothing that can be done to escape that. But if you think about it, there is a simple solution to that problem as well, like everything else.

Can Metal Buildings Withstand Earthquakes Better Than Concrete Buildings

Researchers have spent years of penance in trying to come up with a reliable construction idea that would be safe of earthquakes. Concrete buildings have been reigning for decades now, but the introduction of metal buildings brought about a revolution in the field of construction. Both concrete and metal are in constant competition over the advantages, yet we all know that one of them is going to be the winner.

On the one hand, while concrete provides a sturdy construction, it is still prone to being under threat during an earthquake. Metal, on the other hand, hardly has to face such a problem.

So the answer to our question of whether metal buildings can withstand earthquake is affirmative. Metal buildings have more durability, are sturdier, bear way more strength than concrete, and are sufficient to withstand an earthquake or any other calamity thrown its way. Metal is a flexible substance. It takes less time than concrete to get constructed, and it also manages to be extremely strong. It can be moulded into any form or shape desired for the construction, and based on this it has more durability as well. There is no risk of it breaking due to its sheer flexibility, and according to, this ensures that the building does not have to face much stress when fighting calamities.

Various types of metal can be used to make sure that the building emerges unharmed and untouched out of an earthquake. Steel rebar or steel is most commonly used for construction, and it is known to be one of the most reliable and durable kinds of metal for the basis of construction. It is flexible to a very large extent and can also endure being moulded into any desired form or shape, without having the risk of it breaking.

A high intensity earthquake might be capable of causing some distress to the steel building, but it does ensure that no major harm occurs to its inhabitants and the basic construction as well. During the earthquake, steel has lesser chances of deforming under the bout of stress than concrete, ensuring that it maintains the safety standard that it promises in the first place. New building constructions are being prepared by specifically keeping in mind the effects of an earthquake, and builders are focussing their attention initially on ensuring that the construction matches up to all of the requirements.

Support is added to the bottom floor along with a sturdy construction of the first floor so that minimal damage occurs to the ascending floors that might be under risk. The initial floors are usually what take most of the damage, and ensuring that they remain under the least stress is important, which is why it becomes even more necessary to keep a proper check on the earthquake safety measures for the building that is being constructed.

In conclusion, it can be said unreservedly that metal buildings are much more capable of enduring calamities like an earthquake than a concrete construction, since concrete, although sturdy, has chances of being severely damaged by an earthquake. Metal buildings might just become the sole basis of future construction, and at the same time ensure the safety of the inhabitants of the building.

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