Common problems with fiberglass swimming pools and measures to fix them

Though fiberglass swimming pools are cost-effective, easy to install and are a readymade solution for all swimming needs, they do carry some disadvantages with them. The purpose of the article is to address these problems and their solutions and explain the causes of these problems as well, that might or might not arise on Toronto Fiberglass Pools.

  1. Repairs with the colors of fiberglass pools

A number of fiberglass pools manufacturers in Toronto offer colored pools that stand beyond the baby blue and white coats. The problem with colored finishes is that, it could e difficult to match these colored finishes with that of the factory color finish. A majority of Toronto fiberglass pools would not need repairs for at least the first 20-40 years, but there are very little chances of problems to occur with their colors. A solid surface finish is the first must have or a fiberglass pool to avoid such problems in future. Some of its colored finishes are applied in multiple layers and these layers overlap with each other for a glossier look. When repairs are attempted with these multi-layers it might not match the factory look and it is important to duplicate manufacturing process. Solid surface finish is the ultimate solution.

  1. cracks in the gel coat:

Spider cracks are always the accepted part of fiberglass product. These are hairline cracks that occur in the gel coat surface layer of the fiberglass product. They are not structural and the crack is normal only through the gel coat layer and does not extend into its structural laminate layers. These cracks begin at a center point and widen out like spokes of the wheel. These cracks are because of the pressure offered on the shell during shipping and installation process, especially when steps are taken to level the pools. The ultimate solution is to find the best Oakville Fiberglass Pools installation service for prompt installation and find a good manufacturer of these pools.

  1. Bulging of pool walls:

One important reason behind these problems is the material used for backfilling the pool site, the problem is most commonly associated with sand fillings.  Though thousands of pools do great with sand backfilling, when the wrong combination of circumstances happen, fiberglass pools could bulge. When the sand gets saturated with water, it liquefies and if this rests against the fiberglass pool filled with water, and if the wall of the pool is not strong enough to maintain its shape, the bulge develops. The solution is to ensure that the pool is strong enough to prevent bulges and to use gravel instead of sand for back filling.

  1. Leaks with plumbing finishes:

Plumbing gives off because of the backfill material around the fiberglass, glass pool that settles and takes the plumbing off with it. It is quite difficult to compact sand around the fiberglass pool completely during installation. As plumbing gets encased with this sand and sand settles, exerting a downward pressure on the plumbing works of the swimming pool. Many Oakville Fiberglass Pools installers try to hold the plumbing works in place, but the settled plumbing manifests itself as a leak, the main solution here is to look for a backfill that does not move, and thus use gravel instead of sand fillings.

How In Ground Swimming Pools Add Value to Both Property and Lifestyle

Having your own personal swimming pool on your own property is still considered a luxury too many, but they are becoming increasingly common throughout Australia. Installation prices are competitive, stylistic varieties are wide ranging and there are possible options that meet just about every budget. Furthermore, in ground swimming pools aren’t a one-time extravagant expenditure but are something that can be enjoyed regularly by the whole family for years to come and can even be considered an investment. This is because they will not only enhance your lifestyle but when done right, will also add value to your home.

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How to ensure the pool adds value to your home

While in most cases, it is true that the installation of in ground swimming pools does increase the value of the property; there are a few factors that need to be taken into account. First of all the location of your home can have a big effect on the desirability of a pool in the eyes of the next potential owners when it comes time to sell up. For example if home pools aren’t very common in the neighbourhood and there is a decent community pool nearby, future buyers may not deem their own swimming pool necessary. However, if it’s an area with an all round sunny climate and pools are fairly standard feature, then you could definitely bring the value of your property up. There are also a few things that you can do to ensure and increase the value that is added to your home.

– Quality installation

Obviously, you need your pool to stand the test of time if you are ever going to see a return on it. Generally speaking, the better the quality of the materials used and the better quality of workmanship, the greater the value it will add to your property. This means it is a good idea to shop around getting quotes from various swimming pool companies and obtaining recommendations from happy customers. Always bear in mind that the cheapest option doesn’t necessarily mean the best option.

– Attractive appearance

In order to add value, in ground pools needs to be attractive to other people and this means it is your responsibility to install a suitable size and shape of pool and to create an attractive surrounding. Whether you opt for patio or decking, make sure it complements the outdoor area and includes adequate seating and entertainment options.

– Well maintained with service records

Keep your pool well serviced and keep records of all work that you have done. This will come in useful when it comes time to sell by proving that everything has been well maintained and is currently in full working order.

How a pool will enhance your life

A swimming pool obviously is not only a feature but is also a great addition to the home that will improve and enhance the life of each and every one of its residents. The benefits or improvements to lifestyle will be seen in a number of areas.


First of all, in ground swimming pools provide you with an excellent and enjoyable place to do some exercise. Swimming is a great all rounder, as it can aid in weight loss, muscle building and improve cardiovascular fitness. Even if your pool isn’t particularly long, you can still get a good workout from swimming back and forth. Having such easy and convenience access to a pool means you no longer have any excuses to get out there and get your body moving.

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Enjoy with friends and family

A pool creates the ideal place to spend some time with friends and family during the summer. Sit back with a drink or get the BBQ fired up. There is nothing quite as relaxing as a sunny weekend spent chilling out by your own personal pool.

Healthy entertainment for the children

You will quickly come to love and appreciate the fact that the swimming pool gives the children something to do rather than sitting in front of the TV and playing video games all day. It’s a great way to get them socialising with friends and doing some exercise in the fresh air at the same time. There is no doubt about it that in ground swimming pools are guaranteed hits with all the family.

How to Properly Maintain the Water Chemistry in Your Swimming Pool

There’s nothing quite as inviting on a hot summer day as a beautiful swimming pool filled with cool, crystalline water. But of course, it doesn’t stay that way on its own. You need to properly maintain the water chemistry in your pool if you want it to be clean, inviting, and safe to swim in at a moment’s notice. When the balance of chemicals is off, you can suffer all kinds of issues from algae and swimmer’s itch on the one end of the spectrum to strong chemical odors (like chlorine) and even skin irritation at the other. In short, you need to take steps to ensure that the water in your pool looks great and is ready to accommodate swimmers. Here are just a few tips that should help you to properly maintain the water chemistry in your swimming pool.

The best place to start is by speaking with a professional. If you are planning to maintain your pool completely on your own, head to a local swimming pool store to ask about chemicals you should be using and discuss how to test and balance the water chemistry in your pool. The chemicals and amounts you use will depend largely on the type and size of pool you have, so don’t think that there is only one right way to maintain your pool water. You need a system that is tailor-made for your pool. Of course, if you already hire a professional to clean and/or inspect your pool on a regular basis, you can simply ask your vendor to familiarize you with the process and give you pointers on how to test and maintain the balance of the pool on your own between cleanings. This is especially important if you use the pool frequently or you have issues with algae or animals in the water.

That said, there are a couple of chemicals you might need for your pool. Chlorine is perhaps the best known, giving most swimming pools their distinctive odor. Chlorine is a chemical designed to fight contaminants like algae, bacteria, and other potentially harmful microorganisms. There are different types of chlorine, so you need to find out which is best for your pool, as well as how best to administer the chemical in order to avoid issues to the pump system and to swimmers. You might also need additional algaecides or pool shock (chlorine) if you tend to have issues with algae, despite cleaning your pool regularly and maintaining appropriate levels of chlorination.

Another chemical commonly used in swimming pools is muriatic acid, which helps to bring high pH levels into balance. And there are several other chemicals that may or may not be needed, depending on your pool, the area you live in, and the particular issues you face. Again, you might need some professional help in order to maintain your swimming pool. At the very least you’ll need someone to show you the ropes in the beginning. And if you face issues that are beyond your knowledge and experience, hiring a pro could end up saving you a lot of money down the line. Whether your setup emulates the look of decadent royal swimming pools or it’s nothing more than a simple rectangle surrounded by concrete, you want to make sure that the water chemistry is always in balance. This will help to make any swimming pool safe and inviting.