Tips On How To Move Heavy Furniture

Whenever moving one of the most difficult tasks is to protect and move the heavy furniture. This includes all the large items like dining tables, sofas and china cabinets. It is really important that you think about doing this as safe as possible. With heavy furniture it is normally a very good idea to hire a professional like simply because this practically guarantees the work is going to be done really well.

If you want to do the work alone, as many homeowners that want to relocate at the moment, the main things to remember is that moving heavy furniture is not easy and that you have to think about the safety of the person doing the move, not just about potential property damage. With this in mind, here are some tips about how to get things done.

Dismantling Heavy Furniture

The easiest possible way to move heavy furniture is to dismantle it before you want to take it to a new location. This makes the entire process a lot easier than what you would expect. The only problem with this is that most people end up losing hardware like bots, nuts and screws. You want to just keep all these in the same place and have proper labeling done. Double check when you dismantle the furniture and be sure that you do not get distracted so that you do not lose parts in the process.

The Doorway Problem

In so many cases we see homeowners that simply assume that their doorway will be big enough and that it will be really easy to simply get items through. They prepare for moving and then they simply notice that the heavy furniture cannot be taken out. It is important that you first see if the furniture will fit. If you are low on time and you hurry you tend to sacrifice security. It is so easy to end up faced with injuries as you just try to fit something really large through the doorway. When you know that the heavy furniture does not fit you will be able to make adjustments.

Protecting Your Floors

It should be common sense that when you move heavy furniture by simply raking the floor you end up in the unwanted situation in which flooring will be damaged. The idea is to use sliders, furniture pads and moving dollies. Even carpet pieces can help you to slide your heavy items right across the floors. Using sliders means that you tip furniture in order to put sliders under legs or corners. Always be sure that smooth sides are put towards floors.

Getting Help

Many homeowners do not properly assess how hard it will be to move heavy furniture. No matter if you think this is simple or not, you want to be sure you are going to get help. Have people around so that you can work together in moving the heavy furniture from one point to the next. This will simply make the entire process simpler and faster, which is surely what you want.


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