Cheap Club Flyer & Catalogue Printing

The flyer is an example of the pamphlet, circular, handbill or leaflet. Its main purpose is to spread the word in public and aware people about some specific event. This is a form of paper advertisement and distributed widely. This is divided in public places or sent through emails. There are various kinds of flyers i.e. individual and on aggregate level e.g. organizations and businesses.

Categories for advertisement:

Flyers advertised for various categories i.e. festival, nightclubs, musical concert, political rally and appearance at casinos. These are a low-cost form of communications and mass marketing. Flying formats are different depends upon the purpose. Here we are discussing cheap club flyers.

These are actually traditional smart postcards. Their resemblance to postcards is mainly due to the shape and size of postcards. These are intended to provide instant information to public so they are provided as handouts. Advertisement generally works at places with the great surge. These are provided to the recipients at streets at malls or at intersections and the main aim they contain is the promotion of upcoming advents. Instead of the postcard that is mailed to recipients, it is not emailed.

Designing aspect:

The aesthetic beauty is ingrained in it due to a usage of images & heavy graphics. The main theme is to design the club flyers flashy so that it appeals to the public. Similarly, the information it contains meant to cater the public so it should be of elemental nature i.e. event timings and venue. If it is for product promotion, it would comprise of some more information like the price of the product and its kinds. Cheap club flyers are the best-designed pattern offer quality and serve functionality simultaneously.

Nature of the material:

A preferred material is thick paper stock for it. These are high quality and full colors printing output that accelerates awareness of the campaign. The versatile stock for club flyers is thick index cards i.e. finishing quality is commendable. It suits more when no slick and shiny look is desired. Some general papers used for the purpose are 14 Pt gloss cover, 14 Pt uncoated covers, 16 C1S & C2S Pt glossy cover. The standard size is 4.25” x 5.5”. Trimmed and customized sizes are also available. One general tip for selection of size is first select the size that should be larger than the desired dimensions both in height and width.

Another exciting printing option is catalog printing. These are the multi-pager documents and bounded together. They serve a variety of purposes, mainly used in corporate training guides. Catalog printing can provide information in more comprehensive manner. Their durability is enhanced by using thick stocks in its covers. Instead of club flyers, it can also provide some details of services and products.

Those that comes in binding catalogs, the best option is saddle stitching. Their size varies i.e. 5.5” x 8.5”, 8.5” x 11” also in landscape. Both sides of sheets are designed in same colors, standard colors used for it are four; Cyan, yellow, magenta, and black. The best examples are high-end catalogs and magazine covers.

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