Genius Ways to Style Your Rental

If you rent your home, you may feel trapped in a Catch 22 situation. You want to put your own unique stamp on your space, but need to conform to the terms of your rental agreement. Identifying non-permanent solutions that meet your own aesthetic tastes will help make your rental into your sanctuary. There are no easy ways out, but you can certainly do your homework before moving in. Real estate portals give you the tools and data to find the best ranked rental condos by comparing thousands of listings in terms of affordability, neighborhood, amenities and other criteria.

We all use space differently, so use a pen and paper to experiment with different configurations. A functional space is a relaxing space, so be creative about your furniture placement. You may instinctively place a large sofa against a wall, but could it serve a double purpose as a division from one zone (living) to another (dining)?

Well-chosen soft furnishings can lift any space, and because you can take them with you when you move, they are worth investing in. The right window dressings can make a real feature of an attractive window, or can disguise one you’d rather not look at. Layering soft throws and piling bright cushions on a sofa is a simple way to up the cozy factor of your home without sacrificing style. There’s no reason why a rental can’t feel like home, wherever in the world you are based, from real estate in the Philippines to a studio apartment in London.

Decent storage is essential to keep your living space tidy. If your rental is wanting in this area, bring in your own solutions. Think outside the box (if you’ll forgive the pun) and get creative. For example, a stack of wine crates makes a wonderfully quirky bookcase, and wicker laundry hampers are large enough to hide all manner of clutter. You could also consider adding another rail into existing wardrobes or closets – thus instantly doubling valuable hanging space.

The right lighting will completely transform your home. Central overhead lighting is stark and unflattering. Instead, place low lamps on side tables and in dark corners to bring the space to life. Fill any unused fireplaces with fairy lights to replicate the glow of an open fire, and are a safer option than candles, though these look lovely, too.

Be bold with your furniture choices. The days of the boring three-piece-suite are (thankfully) behind us now, so mix and match your sofas and armchairs for a modern vibe. You’ll be amazed how much stylish vibe mid-century style sofas and couches can add to modern livings spaces. Similarly, an antique dining table looks amazing with mismatched modern chairs, vice versa. Many stores allow you to test the look and feel of their furniture with your environment before you make the final purchase. So take advantage of the offer.

If you are allowed to paint your rented home, go for a basic neutral (pale gray works well) throughout, and then highlight feature walls or architectural furnishings with a contrasting shade. If painting is out of the question, consider large wall hangings (antique rugs work well) cover paintwork or wallpaper that is not to your taste. This works particularly well behind a sofa or bed, and adds a real focal point to a room.

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