Reasons to buy your first home in Sydney

Australia and its cities have constantly been rated as the best destinations in the world to visit or live in. On its east coast you will find its most famous city, Sydney. This magnificent city is known for its paradise beaches as well as its multiculturalism, with approximately 250 different languages spoken.

Who wouldn’t want to wake up with the most gorgeous nature of the world at their doorstep anyway, right? In Sydneysiders can enjoy salty sunrises, summer festivals, rainforests, art, music, nightlife, the Tasman Sea to the East and the Blue Mountains to the West. Sydney is a city you’ll grow to love from the first time you lay your eyes on it.

Financing your first home. As you may have already know, there are a couple of ways to successfully finance a home. You can choose fixed rate home loans for easy payment schemes that’s tailored to your financial capacity. Home grants are also given to eligible homeowners, so be sure to apply for that as well.

Here’s why you should buy your first home in Sydney:

The money. Australian workers are paid more than most average worker anywhere in the world. The working wages in Australia are more than in New Zealand yet less than in England, however, the cost of living is cheaper in Australia than all the other countries. What the Australian receives as wage is sufficient enough in terms of wages and the quality of life.

Sure, it is one of the most expensive places on the planet, but it’s also one of the best reasons to move and stay here for a longer period. Finding a job in Sydney is very easy, depending on your experience and determination. As a plus and as mentioned above, the pay is greater compared to many other countries.

The lifestyle. All the wonders of the city make for a no-dull Monday experience. Sydney’s lifestyle is an amazing balance of mind and body despite people here waking up early and falling asleep late. Hike over mountains, surf on the beach, watch the sunrise, go to a favorite restaurant, watch a film, go to the zoo, beach, or the museum. There’s no end to the things you can discover.

The suburbs. Sydney isn’t all about CBD and Circular Quay. Sydney’s uniqueness shines in the suburbs. The ten most livable suburbs, according to cityhobo include the following:

  1. Bronte – east, beach, relaxed living
  2. Manly – northern beaches, outdoor activities, community
  3. Balmain – inner west, cafe culture, community
  4. Paddington / Woollahra – east, shopping, stylish
  5. Clovelly / Coogee – east, beach, family friendly
  6. Avalon – Northern beaches, relaxed living, older professionals
  7. Surry Hills – east, cafe culture, cool factor
  8. Lane Cove – north shore, parks and harbour, family friendly
  9. Vaucluse – east, harbour, wealthy
  10. Wahroonga – north shore, near nature, wealthy, family friendly

Once you’ve decided to buy your first home in Sydney, it is also one of the best cities to raise a family. Besides the network of villages and suburbs each with plenty of facilities and unique beauty, there are internationally acclaimed schools and plenty of outdoor activities to be had with your children.

Convinced? It’s time to choose a suburb you like and consider fixed rate home loans for easy payment schemes that you can afford. Best of luck!